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Plan a Lunar Inspired Cocktail Party!

Host an inspiring summer cocktail party with a unique blend of art, science, and food! Your clients and employees will be awe-struck by the “Museum of the Moon” installation while they contemplate the wonders of space and enjoy delectable eats like Solar System Sliders and Cosmic Cupcakes by Russell Morin Catering & Events.

July 20, 2019, marks the 50th-anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Mission landing and mankind’s first steps on the moon. Celebrate the ongoing scientific exploration of the moon and our solar system with a lunar-inspired dining experience. Combine roof deck cocktails under the stars with howlin’ at the moon hors d’oeuvres up close with the Museum of the Moon at the WaterFire Arts Center!  

Parties can choose from a range of date options, July 9th through July 22nd and July 28th. Contact Jess Sullivan at Russell Morin Catering & Events for more information.

About the “Museum of the Moon” 

This July, Gaze at the Moon Upclose* in Providence, RI
*No space travel required!

The “Museum of the Moon”, an enormous art installation by U.K. artist Luke Jerram will land in Providence, RI this July as part of a larger series of events and exhibitions presented by the NASA RI Space Consortium in association with WaterFire Providence. Measuring 23 feet, this replica of the moon will be suspended within the huge industrial hall of the WaterFire Arts Center. The internally lit spherical sculpture is created with detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface that you can explore up close. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimeter represents 5 kilometers of the moon’s surface.

Over its lifetime, the “Museum of the Moon” installations (there are currently 10 moons on tour!) will travel to 25 countries and be presented in a number of different ways; in cathedrals, on city streets, and hanging above pools. As it travels from place to place, it will gather new musical compositions and an ongoing collection of personal responses, stories, and mythologies, as well as highlighting the latest moon science.

Learn more about the exhibit here.

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