As a free event, WaterFire Providence is entirely dependent upon donations and sponsorships.

We will work with you and your company to develop a partnership and sponsorship that will address all of your specific needs.  We have a variety of exciting ways in which you can help keep the fires burning in 2017.  All of our sponsorships are rewarding and fun opportunities that allow your company to be a part of WaterFire and can be designed to maximize media attention, create employee satisfaction and recognition, focus on client development and acknowledgment, and more.

Sponsor Providence’s Largest Community Event for the Season or be the Sole Sponsor for an Evening of Festivities:

Exclusive Lead Fire Sponsorship for an Evening: All exclusive lead fire sponsorships include immediate reservations and placement of your date on the WaterFire schedule as well as WaterFire season sponsor benefits.

WaterFire Season Sponsor: Sponsor the entire WaterFire season and take advantage of cable and broadcast television and radio PSAs, press releases, private receptions and many other exclusive benefits.

WaterFire Evening Co-Lead Fire Sponsor: Includes many exclusive benefits for your company including a special location for your own reception and recognition as a sponsor for a specific WaterFire event night.

Become a WaterFire Signature Event Sponsor:

Signature Featured Events and Series with Naming Rights: Some of the most popular attractions at WaterFire have become an important part of Providence nightlife such as the WaterFire Ballroom and the Jazz Stage.  We have some great ideas for additional signature events and would love to hear any great ideas you might have to bring to the riverfront!  Or, you could partner with the existing series mentioned above and be a co-sponsor for the evening to help us present another exciting night to thousands of visitors and guests to Rhode Island while enjoying your own reception next to all of the action.

Red Curtains

Add a Night of Dancing: The Ballroom is a part of the grand WaterFire installation, capturing the hearts and imaginations of hundreds of thousands of WaterFire visitors throughout the years. Previously known as the Sovereign Plaza Ballroom and then the TD Bank Ballroom, this popular venue features live music, dance lessons, dance demonstrations, and open dancing under the stars while surrounded by the breathtaking architecture of downtown Providence’s Financial District. A polished black dance floor, stretching sixty-one feet across, hovering just above the cobblestones, at the intersection of Westminster and Weybosset Streets is installed to facilitate the event. This event is free to the public.  Sponsorship of all four Ballroom appearances in a season is $250,000.

Sponsor the Jazz Stage at WaterFire: WaterFire visitors and your guests can experience the feel of a smoky Chicago jazz club only a few steps from the river and flames… at the airy outdoor Jazz Stage concert series at WaterFire. The urban landscape is transformed into the backdrop and stage for the regions’ top jazz musicians and vocalists to perform a series of free public concerts to tens of thousands of people each night.

Clear Currents: Sponsor one of the most spectacular visual events on the river as schools dozens of illuminated koi fish mounted to canoes flood the installation and bring awareness to the health and environmental importance of one of our most essential resources: Water.

Potential New Signature Events:

The Enchanted Forest: It’s only just getting started with the Gargoyles!  Fairies, enchanted trees, and characters you thought were only in your imagination come alive.

International Capoeira Martial Arts Festival & Batizado: Bringing the art of Brazilian dance fighting to Providence.

World Music Series: Highlight music from around the world throughout the season.

Hispanic Heritage Festival: Highlighting the amazing heritage and traditions of Rhode Island’s Hispanic community.

Watercolor Art Festival: Sponsor an arts festival before WaterFire along the riverbanks.

KidsJam! At WaterFire: Sponsor a day of creativity and art for kids and help change the riverfront for a night.

Chess- Life Sized: Create a life-sized chess tournament with boards set up all over the installation with life-sized chess pieces.

Celtic Music Stage: Bringing the spirit and sound of traditional Celtic music and dance for an evening at WaterFire.

WaterFire Volunteers greet arrivals at the Brazier Society Tent

The Corporate Brazier Society at WaterFire:

A unique and exciting opportunity to become a part of the WaterFire family.  Membership includes access to the exclusive Brazier Society VIP tent at all full WaterFire lightings.  Fully catered by one of our excellent Brazier Society partners, complimentary beer and wine, and a private space to revel under the stars by the warmth of the fires, this is the best place to enjoy WaterFire.  Members are also allowed access to WaterFire’s fleet of VIP boats so that guests may enjoy WaterFire from the best seats in the house: On the river.  The Brazier Society is the perfect tool for client development, employee recognition or family fun.  For an extra $1,000 you can also sponsor a wood boat or wood for the evening. Find out more about the Brazier Society.

More Ways to Become a Part of the Artwork:

Ring of Fire: A truly amazing and visually catching way to start WaterFire or to bring attention to your message is the Ring of Fire.  Up to 100 torches carried by your guests of your choosing will process into and surround the basin.  Your sponsorship will be recognized on the event page on the WaterFire website, in a press release detailing the special events for the evening prior to the fire, and on the evening’s event pamphlet.

Flower Performer Sponsor: Very special WaterFire characters hand out to our visitors an array of beautiful carnations from the boats as well as on shore.  Each carnation carries an inspiring quotation.  WaterFire works with the Groden Center to provide therapeutic training and engagement for autistic individuals to assemble and attach 1,000 inspirational quotations onto 1,000 long stem carnations.  As a Flower Performer sponsor, your name will be printed on the back of all 1,000 quote ribbons distributed to the crowd that evening.  This is an amazing opportunity to support the good works of the Groden Network and WaterFire.  This sponsorship could also be a season-long sponsorship of the carnations for a single company for a sponsorship fee of $35,000.

Spogga Sparkler

Fire Dancer: Sponsor the mesmerizing fire dancer Spogga for the evening.  Spogga has entranced millions of WaterFire guests for many WaterFire seasons and has become an integral part of the event.  He skillfully dances amidst the fire gracefully spinning and manipulating two orbs of fire as he glides atop the river.  Sponsoring Spogga for the evening will give you the opportunity to meet the master of fire dancing himself and be listed in that evening’s pamphlet and on the event’s page on WaterFire’s website.

Ceremonial Fire Lighter: Honor someone special by having him or her set WaterFire ablaze.  You and a companion, or any two people that you wish to thrill thank, honor or surprise, can be on board the boats and be one of the fire lighters for the evening.  This is an unforgettable experience that you and your guests will treasure forever.

Join Plan Your Trip to Providence: Over one million visitors come to WaterFire each season and over 50% of them are from out of state.  These visitors start their plans to stroll the banks for an evening by visiting our website.  Your hotel, restaurant or attraction can be listed on WaterFire’s “Plan Your Trip to Providence,” page with a link and logo to your own website.  Connect with the thousands in the first place they look to begin planning their trip to the Creative Capital.

To start your partnership with WaterFire or to inquire about more information please contact Bronwyn Dannenfelser by calling 401-273-1155 x5541 or email

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