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The People of WaterFire: Gina Murray

It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly are.
―E.E. Cummings

Gina Murray is a woman who fell in love at first site with her career. She had the opportunity (thanks mom!) to shadow a surgical tech during a series of operations a few years out of high school and just as the first surgery began and the surgeon made that first incision she was hooked! Gina was in the first class of students to graduate from the Surgical Technology program at New England Institute of Technology. The program at NEIT has been growing ever since; Gina even returned to teach for two years at NEIT three nights a week all while keeping a busy full-time work schedule.

“One of my favorite mantras is ‘Work smarter, not harder’.”

This mantra fits her to a tee in both her job as a surgical technician and in her position as the guest boat dock lead at WaterFire Providence. She’s always prepared for anything that comes her way. In Gina’s tool box she values skills that she’s developed, one particular is anticipation. The need to anticipate, and multi-task all while staying calm, smiling and not letting anyone see you sweat!

Gina Murray People of WaterFire Photo (Photo by Erin X. Smithers)

There is a sure trend in Gina’s life of giving back to her community and sharing her passions with others. Her career is taking her to a new opportunity in California and we are all in agreement that the west coast is gaining a smart, efficient, and honorable community member.

Gina shared that there was a specific order of things she’ll miss about her Rhode Island life (here’s the top 3!):

  1. Her family
    Including her dear mom (who’s always right!), her sister and nieces and her cousin/roommate and of course her cat Florence aka Flo.
  2. Her friends
    Gina is the most kind-hearted lady you’ll ever encounter so her friends are amazing, smart, and abundant!
  3. WaterFire
    Volunteering over a span of about 10 years, she was active about 3 years and then was “reactivated” after a friendly phone call from then volunteer coordinator, Allison Montagnon. Ali made Gina feel right at home instantly, she was even shocked she recognized her after years away. Jumping right back into being an active volunteer, Gina ended up in a lead position of managing the guest dock boats, captains, guests, and safety. She has such an incredible pride in her job at WaterFire and it’s with heavy hearts that we see her leave.

We look forward to hear the adventures of Gina’s new future in California and the her visits back to warm all our hearts.


Photo by Erin X. Smithers – Photographer and Jazz enthusiast
Photo taken at Three Sisters on Hope Street — we thank them for their awesome chai!

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