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WaterFire Providence Announces WaterFire, Full Circle a Docu-series Produced by RocJo Productions airing on Rhode Island PBS

Aerial View of Waterplace Park during WaterFire Providence. Photograph by Erin Cuddigan.
Aerial View of Waterplace Park during WaterFire Providence. Photograph by Erin Cuddigan.

WaterFire Providence announces WaterFire, Full Circle a docu-series produced by RocJo Productions airing on RI PBS. WaterFire, Full Circle is a six-part miniseries, taking viewers behind the scenes to discover how the event happens, to meet the many supporting cast members who make each WaterFire event special and distinctive, how a major Arts Center has evolved from one small art installation nearly 30 years ago, and the impacts WaterFire has on the city of Providence.

“We are so excited to be working with RI PBS and Joe Rocco in telling the WaterFire Providence story from a behind-the-scenes perspective,” says Peter A. Mello, managing director + coCEO. “Our organization has transformed so much over the past decade with the addition of the WaterFire Arts Center and so many people still don’t know all of the impacts we have on the community. This new docu-series shares a journey of growth, creativity, and community that we’re excited to share with the PBS audience.”

“I hope that viewers are as fascinated as my production crew and me with our WaterFire Full Circle mini-series as we take them behind the scenes to learn more about one of the world’s most engaging art attractions. We have four segments completed, with two more to come, and the feedback from viewers so far has been outstanding,” says the series Executive Producer, Joe Rocco.RocJo Productions, led by executive producer Joe Rocco, produced the docuseries running between 10 and 14 minutes per segment. In collaboration with WaterFire Providence and edited by Fred Tindall, the series has already begun airing on Rhode Island PBS. Additionally, three of the first four episodes are available for online viewing at

WaterFire, Full Circle Episodes:

Episode 1: How It Happens: Part 1

Go behind the scenes of WaterFire Providence, and learn about the preparation and massive effort that goes into staging a WaterFire. In part 1 of the mini-series, meet the tireless staff and volunteers who make it possible.

Episode 2: How It Happens: Part 2

In the second part of this mini-series, see how the staff and local authorities manage a crisis moments before an evening at WaterFire. Plus, meet some of the many dedicated members of the WaterFire staff who put in a 20-hour day to stage one of America’s most popular events.

Episode 3: Supporting Cast

Meet the fire spinners, living statues, and gondoliers that make WaterFire an extraordinary and entertaining event.

Episode 4: River To The Valley

Coming soon!

Check the listings on Rhode Island PBS and follow WaterFire Providence on social media for new episodes and more!

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