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Volunteer Spotlight: Jerry Suggs

Memorial Park - Photo by Jeffrey Stolzberg
Jerry Suggs - Photo by Jen Bonin

Jerry Suggs, photo by Jen Bonin

Whether it be on a boat feeding fires, working with the public to ensure the spectacle of the torch processions, or being an Ambassador at a guest station, Jerry Suggs appreciates it all. This is Jerry’s third year as a WaterFire volunteer and he has enjoyed every event he’s worked.

Before becoming a volunteer, Jerry was a frequent visitor of WaterFire events but had always wondered how he could get involved. He signed up for a volunteer orientation and decided to go “all out,” volunteering for anything and everything available. At the orientation, he had a memorable conversation with Gary St. Laurent, our volunteer coordinator, about WaterFire and it’s connection to the community. Since then, the Volunteer team always makes Jerry feel like a treasured member of WaterFire. “The entire WaterFire staff, top to bottom, has made me feel valued and a part of the team.  My help and my input have been valued and appreciated.”

A little help goes a long way - Photo by Jeff Meunier

A little help goes a long way. Photo by Jeff Meunier

Jerry is very thankful for the WaterFire staff, so much so that often times when he cooks or bakes something, he’ll make extras and give back to the office. He feels that whatever he can give to WaterFire pales in comparison to what it gives him.

Jerry Suggs, Beatriz, Chris Stebber, Cheryl Dimazio 2015-05-09 Mock Dock (Photo by Ariana White) 9

Special Ops Volunteer at the 2015 Mock Dock day. Photo by Ariana White.

Jerry’s favorite part about WaterFire is the teamwork that goes into putting on events. He likes interacting with guests as much as possible, and some have made lasting impressions on him:

“The proposal at the Christmas fire a year ago that my students (who were Santa’s elves) helped WaterFire pull off! The little children whose eyes light up when I put a Ribbon of Light around their neck. The group of people from Long Island who asked millions of questions as they were trying to figure out how they can bring WaterFire to their community. All of those and many more have left me with great impressions of what our efforts have meant to them that night.”

Jerry thoroughly enjoys being involved with and a part of WaterFire. “WaterFire makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger and greater than myself and I love being able to be a part of it and bring joy, happiness and excitement to the city and state. I hope to be able to grow in my involvement with WaterFire and do more for and with the volunteer program.” We appreciate all you do, Jerry!

WaterFire Ambassadors - Photo by Emily Chadwick

WaterFire Ambassadors, photo by Emily Chadwick

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