Brazier Society: 2018 Individual Members

Thanks to our 2018 Brazier Society Individual members for helping to make this season possible. Their support keeps the fires burning.

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2018 Brazier Society Individual Members

Apollo Society

  • Anonymous

Icarus Society

  • Ann and Douglas Sharpe
  • Julie and Henry Sharpe, III
  • Peggy and Henry Sharpe
  • Sarah Sharpe and John Powley
  • The Wadleigh Family Fund

Hestia Society

  • A Friend
  • Catherine Fortier-Barnes and Wayne A. Barnes
  • Michael DiBiase
  • Constance Donnelly
  • Elizabeth J. and Robert G. McGregor
  • Jyothi and Shivan Subramaniam
  • Dr. Liu Wang

Athena Society:

  • Anonymous
  • Catherine Valenti and Mardo M. Atoyan
  • Judith Bentkover* and Peter Allaman
  • Roger Bergenheim*
  • Alice C. Boss-Altman* and Sandford H. Altman
  • Sheila Botelho
  • Barrett W. Bready*
  • Demetria and Stephen Carr
  • The Collis Family
  • Barnaby Evans*
  • Dr. Elaine Wald Fain and Barry Fain*
  • Angela Sherwin and Deborah Florio
  • Stephanie Fortunato*
  • David and Ellen Galkin on behalf of The Ira S. and Anna Galkin Charitable Trust
  • Leslie A.* and Thomas Gardner
  • Ruth and Jan Heespelink
  • Sean Holley*
  • A. Nony Mous
  • Daniel A. Kwasniewski*
  • Irene Lawrence*
  • Sara and Jack McConnell
  • Jenny and Peter Mello*
  • Pamela and Charlie Meyers*
  • John D. Muggeridge*
  • William J. Murphy*
  • Elizabeth* and Christopher Myers
  • Mary and James Prescott*
  • Karen and Stephen Prest
  • Rebecca and Barry Preston
  • Cynthia M. Reusche
  • Sarah Reusche and Marco C. Ross
  • Carla and Russell Ricci
  • Kathryn and Ken Robinson
  • Paula and Bill Rooks
  • Marcia and Fred Rosenzweig
  • Mark Scott*
  • Elizabeth Ann* and James E. Scott
  • Martha* and Arthur Sheridan
  • Joan Slafsky*
  • Maraidh and Fletcher Thomson
  • Caroline and Lee Valentini*
  • Chiara and Peter Van Erp*
  • Conley and Mike Zani

* Members of the WaterFire Providence Board of Directors

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