Brazier Society: 2009 Individual Members

Apollo Society:

  • The Hassenfeld Foundation
  • Elizabeth and Malcolm Chace

Icarus Society:

  • Otto H. York Foundation
  • Henry and Peggy Sharpe

Athena Society:

  • Barnaby Evans and Irene Lawrence
  • H. Jan and Ruth Heespelink
  • Taste of India: Ashiwani Kumar and Neeta Madan
  • Sarah Angell Sharpe
  • Edward M. Forgarty and Gail Higgins Fogarty
  • Donya Powers, M.D.
  • Barrett W. Bready, M.D.
  • Edward Bambauer
  • A. Nony Mous
  • Joseph Chazan, M.D.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Antone M. Botelho III
  • Helen D. Buchanan
  • Tom and Brad Dimeo: Dimeo Construction Company
  • Peter and Chiara Van Erp
  • Shivan and Jyothi Subramaniam
  • Karen Feisthamel
  • F. H. French Co.
  • AAA of Southern New England
  • Michael S. Hudner and Hope Freeman Hudner
  • Steven Palmer and Mary Sommers
  • John Oliver Charitable Trust
  • Mike Capco- Capco Steel Corporation
  • In Memory of Mr. John C.A. Watkins
  • Anonymous
  • One Beacon Charitable Trust
  • John and Holly Schenck
  • Pamela and Charles Meyers
  • Rhonda Berchuck and Kat Katrouzos
  • Barry Fain

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