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September 19th, 2014 – Basin Lighting

September 19th, Basin Lighting. Photo by Yessenia Pineda.

Basin Fire WaterFire installations are a smaller version of the event; lighting up the circle of twenty-two braziers in the Waterplace Park Basin and the five braziers leading up to the Providence Place mall.

Join us in the Waterplace Park Basin for an intimate lighting of WaterFire Providence. The fires will be lit shortly after sunset (6:48pm) and will remain lit until 11:00pm. Basin lightings are a great way to experience the magic of WaterFire without the crowds.

Sponsored in part by: Land Trust Alliance

Land Trust Alliance



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I've worked at WaterFire Providence since 2003. For the first 9 years of my career, I worked in the Production Shop learning all of the details that go into the physical production of the event. In 2012 transitioned to the role of managing WaterFire's social media and web presence. I now head up WaterFire Providence's digital projects including, web, social, databases, and our physical IT infrastructure.

6 thoughts on “September 19th, 2014 – Basin Lighting”

    1. Hi Carla, there is a lighting this Friday. We are only lighting the braziers in the Waterplace Basin and the section of the river below the Providence Place Mall. These smaller versions of WaterFire are a great way to experience the ambiance of the event without the hassle of the larger crowds. We have several more lightings coming up in Septemeber, October, and November. Here is the link to the full 2014 event schedule:

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