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September 19th, 2014 WaterFire Music Program

WaterFire Providence presents a full lighting on Saturday, September 27th sponsored by the Land Trust Alliance. The lighting is scheduled to start at 6:48 p.m. and is set to run through 11:00 p.m. This is the music program for this specific event.

You can follow @WaterFire Music on Twitter for live Now Playing updates during the event. If you’d like to print this page or download the music program as a PDF please use the Print This Page button located below the song list.

September 27th, 2014 – Music Program


6:48     “Being in Rhythm”
composed by Layne Redmond
performed by Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes
from Being in Rhythm

6:54     “Finney Makes a Point”
composed by Mike Figgis
performed by Mike Figgis
from Stormy Monday soundtrack

6:57    “Halleluyah”
composed by David Hykes
performed by David Hykes, Michelle Hykes
and Timothy Hill voices and drum
from Harmonic Meetings

7:04     “Decorating the Dummies”
composed by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso
performed by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso
from The Screens (soundtrack)

7:07    “Dance of the Firefly”
written and composed by Noreen Inglesi
performed by the Noreen Inglesi Ensemble:
John Dempsey, violin; Consuela Sherba, viola;
Dan Harp, cello

7:11    “The Field of the Dead”
written by Sergei Prokofiev
performed by Sheila Armstrong, et al
from Alexander Nevsky

7:17    “Fanfare”
composed by Dante Bucci
performed by Dante Bucci
from Reminiscence

7:21    “River”
composed by Peter Kater
performed by Peter Kater
from Piano

7:26    “Orovela”
traditional Georgian folksong
performed by Hamlet Gonashvili, soloist
from Voices

7:32       “Iris”  (excerpt)
composed by Wim Mertens
performed by Wim Mertens
from The Best of Wim Mertens

7:39    “Cantares de mi Tierra”
traditional Mexican folksong
performed by Mary Lea and friends
from Cascade of Tears

7:43    “Di Terkishe Khasene”
performed by Davka
from Lavy’s Dream

7:49    “Maria Lando”
composed by Chabuca Granda, words by Cesar Calvo
performed by Susana Baca
from The Soul of Black Peru

7:54     “Ocotillo”
composed by Steve Smith
performed by The Nashville Mandolin Trio
from American Portraits

7:58    “Yizkor for Rabin”
composed by Davka
performed by Davka
from Lavy’s Dream

8:03    “Gomni”
composed by Ali Farka Toure
performed by Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder
from Talking Timbuktu

8:10    “Bistro Fada”
composed by Stephane Wrembel
performed by Stephane Wrembel
from Bistro Fada

8:13    “Diaraby”
composed by Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder
performed by Ali Farka Toure, Ry Cooder and Groupe Asco
from Talking Timbuktu

8:21     “Sevani Tsgnorsner” (Fishermen of Lake Sevan)
composed by V. Kotoyan
performed by George Mgrdichian on the Oud
from George Mgrdichian on the Oud

8:23    “This New Day…”  – a morning song
based on traditional forms
made by Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike
from Walk in Beauty: Healing Songs of the Native American Church

8:25    “Baba Drame”
composed by Kar Kar, Boubcar Traore & Habib Koite
performed by Kar Kar, Boubcar Traore & Habib Koite
from Macire

8:29    “Mon Enfant”
performed by George Winston
from Forest

8:33    “Kyrie”
traditional Mass with native Brazilian sources
performed by Marlui Miranda
from Ihu 2: Kewere-Rezar-Prayer

8:37    ”Bridges”
written by Micheál Ō Domhnaill
performed by Nightnoise
from Nightnoise

8:49    “Lift Me Up”
written by Bruce Springsteen
performed by Bruce Springsteen
from Limbo

8:42    “Friling”
performed by Giora Feidman
from The Magic of Klezmer

8:45    “Indus”
written by Dead Can Dance
performed by Dead Can Dance
from Spiritchaser

8:51       “Iguazu”
composed by Gustavo Santaolalla
performed by G. Santaolalla and Anibel Kerpel
from Ronroco

8:56    “Casa Una Danza”
performed by Francisco Ulloa
composed by Francisco Ulloa
from El Camajan

8:59    “La Luna”
written by Ottmar Liebert
performed by Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra
from La Semana

9:04    “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”
traditional, arranged by The Blind Boys of Alabama
performed by The Blind Boys of Alabama
from Spirit of the Century

9:07    “El Africano”
Composed by Wilfrido Vargas
Performed by Wilfrido Vargas
from 100% Merengue ‘99



9:11    “Pod Bay Doors”
written by David Chandler
performed by David Chandler
from Island Light

9:13    “Song to the Moon” from Rusalka
composed by Antonin Dvorak
performed by Sylvia Stoner
courtesy of Night of Song

9:21    “Deep River”
written by Steven Foster
performed by The Blind Boys of Alabama
from Deep River

9:23    “Andalusian Nights”
written by Govi
performed by Govi
from Andalusian Nights

9:28    “Gnossienne No. 1”
composed by Eric Satie
performed by Pascal Rogé
from Satie: 3 Gymnopédies

9:32    “If I Knew” excerpt
composed by Edgar Meyer
performed by Joshua Bell & Edgar Meyer
from Short Trip Home

9:33    “Know”
composed by Nick Drake
performed by Nick Drake
from Pink Moon

9:36    “Synchrony No. 2”
composed by Louis Hardin (Moondog)
performed by Kronos Quartet
from Early Music

9:39    “O Pastor”
composed by Pedro Ayres Magelhaes & Madredeus
performed by Madredeus
from O Espírito Da Paz

9:43    “One More Goodbye”
composed by Jenifer Smith
performed by Jenifer Smith
from Code Mesa

9:48    “Concerto in B Minor” (RV 424)
composed by Antonio Vivaldi
performed by Toronto Chamber Orchestra and Ofra Harnoy, cello
from Vivaldi Cello Concertos

9:51    “The End of Words”
composed by Dead Can Dance
performed by Dead Can Dance
from Aion

9:53    “Adagio for Strings” Op.11
Samuel Barber – composer
from String Quartet, Op. 11
performed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Yoel Levi – conductor
from Music of Samuel Barber

10:02    “Kun Fe Ko”
composed by Oumou Sangare
performed by Oumou Sangare et al
from Worotan

10:06    “Sacrifice”
composed by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke
performed by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke
from The Insider

10:14    “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”
traditional spiritual
performed by Charlie Haden and Hank Jones
from Steal Away

10:18     “Rose Rouge”
composed by Ludovic Navarre
performed by St. Germain
from Tourist

10:25    “Baba”
performed by Andy Palacio
from Watina

10:29    “Kakokolo”
composed by Samite
performed by Samite
from Embalasasa

10:35    “Many Rivers to Cross”
composed by Jimmy Cliff
performed by Jimmy Cliff
from The Harder They Come soundtrack

10:38    “Guitarra”
composed by Madredeus
performed by Madredeus
from Antologia

10:42    “E lucevan le stelle … ” from Tosca
composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by Andrea Bocelli
from Aria

10:46    “Viente Años”
performed by Compay Segundo and Ry Cooder
from Buena Vista Social Club

10:49     “My Lover’s Gone”
composed by D. Armstrong and J Catto
performed by Dido
from No Angel

10:54    “Dolce De Coco”
composed by Jacob do Bandolim
performed by Yo-Yo Ma, Paquito D’ Rivera, Romero Lumbambo
from Obrigado Brazil

10:59    “This Year’s Love”
written by David Gray
performed by David Gray
from White Ladder

11:03    “Road to Exile”
composed by Afro Celtic Sound System
performed by Afro Celtic Sound System
from Hotel Rwanda

11:06    “Bamako”
written by Roswell Rudd
performed by Roswell Rudd and Toumani Diabate
from Malicool

11:12      “Japurá River”
composed by Philip Glass
performed by Uakti
from Aguas da Amazonia

11:17    “Nocturne No. 8 in D flat major”
composed by Frédéric Chopin
performed by Daniel Barenboim, piano
from Nocturnes

11:22    “Tindiba”
composed by Samite
performed by Samite
from Stars to Share

11:26    “Azul”
composed by Jesse Cook
performed by Jesse Cook
from Gravity


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