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Shopping In & Around Providence

Shopping local in Providence, Rhode Island isn’t just about transactions—it’s about supporting the heartbeat of the community. You’re investing in the city’s economy and preserving its unique culture by choosing local shops, eateries, and markets. From artisanal crafts to farm-fresh produce, every purchase helps sustain local businesses, fostering a stronger sense of community and connection. Embracing Providence’s local scene isn’t just about what you buy; it’s about your impact in nurturing a thriving and vibrant city.

Symposium Books [logo]

Symposium Books
240 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 273-7900

Symposium Books

Independent Bookstore in the heat of Providence. We also carry vinyl records, journals, British Candy, drinks including Non-Alcoholic / Zero Proof, & Ree + Dot locally-made cards and jewelry.
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Celebrating our 20 years in 2024!