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Plan Your Visit | WaterFire Event Map

Welcome to our interactive WaterFire event map.

You can use the category selector below to make the map easier to navigate. Click on each point of interest to see more info for that location. Use the Get Directions links to get walking/driving directions from your current location (directions will open in your preferred maps app on your device).

Most of the points of interest on the map are located within a walkable perimeter around the WaterFire event site. Visitors are encouraged to walk and explore the city as they enjoy the music and fires of WaterFire.

“There is no best place to see the event because every perspective and approach offers a new and refreshing experience.”

WaterFire Tips

Points of Interest:

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7 thoughts on “Plan Your Visit | WaterFire Event Map”

    1. Hi, Mike, we are planning to resume WaterFire lightings in downtown Providence this year and our timetable will have the first lighting in the Fall (September). Due to public health and safety concerns and financial constraints we are currently limiting our activity to safe, low-density events at the WaterFire Arts Center. The last 12 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone for a variety of reasons. Having to shut our large public events (our main income stream) was something we’d thought we’d never have to do. We’ve had to lay off all of our production staff and switch gears massively just to survive. Thanks for your support and understanding. We hope you’ll be able to join us either at the WaterFire Arts Center this spring or summer or later in the year when we are able to resume our WaterFire lighting events. Check out for more info about the WaterFire Arts Center events and exhibitions.

      Feel free to make a donation.

      1. Hi Cheryl,

        We do not currently have any events officially scheduled. Your hotel reservations will have to wait a little longer. We’re planning to release a partial season schedule by the end of the month. Thank YOU for your patience and please stay tuned.

    1. A full lighting includes all the braziers in the installation (85), a partial lighting is usually a single or two-section(s) of the river (approximately 1 city block). In a normal year full lightings include on-shore programming like food vendors, an arts/crafts festival, musical or theatrical performances, but for 2021 most of our onshore programming has been trimmed.

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