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Inside The Internship Program at WaterFire Providence

More and more employees are looking to internships when evaluating potential hires. While classroom education is the backbone of workforce training, employers are usually more concerned with your work experience than your qualifications and internships are often the only way to get the work experience. In fact, in many of… Read More »Inside The Internship Program at WaterFire Providence

Volunteer Spotlight – Sheryl Mason

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Seven years ago, Sheryl Mason was working at Fidelity Investments in Texas when she came across an email about Fidelity’s sponsorship of WaterFire.

“It looked incredible but, of course, was too far away for me to attend.”

To her disbelief, just a few months later, Sheryl was asked to transfer to the Fidelity Investment office in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

The Art of Stacking Wood

I know you will recognize a fellow WaterFire fanatic in this New York Times article about a new Norwegian television program dedicated to all things woody. The TV program, on the topic of firewood, consisted mostly of people in parkas chatting and chopping in the woods and then eight hours… Read More »The Art of Stacking Wood

New Year, New Stories

Welcome to a new year of WaterFire and thanks to all of those who attended last year’s events!  As much as we look forward to seeing you at each event, we also love to hear what you think about it! On the recently updated My Story Project site, new stories,… Read More »New Year, New Stories