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Production Department Update: Guest Boats II

Off-season modifications to WaterFire’s guest boats wrap up this week with wiring and lighting modifications. WaterFire’s fleet of guest boats is powered by electric motors so maintenance of the electrical system is of utmost importance. Six golf cart batteries provide power to the motor and lights on each boat. In addition to navigation lights, each boat is also outfitted with a set of lights for safety while passengers are embarking and disembarking.

This year all of the guest boats have been fitted with LED navigation lights and new water-tight toggle switches. New electrical panels have been installed under the captain’s seat. All of the electric motors have had their shafts shortened and their motor mounts customized to ensure proper positioning of the propeller in the water at all times.

Coming up next week: Prometheus will be in the shop and the production team will work on the electrical system for our Merchandise tent.

Mike and Elvis working on an electric motor

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2 thoughts on “Production Department Update: Guest Boats II”

  1. the guest boats look so nice, i am not sure i want to drive one? i do not want to be the first one to put a dent or scratch in one!

    a special ‘thank you!’ to the production department for all your work!!!

    I-) ihor

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