Reflective Lenses: WaterFire Volunteer Photography Show

A vibrant collection of photographs by WaterFire’s Volunteer Photographers featuring highlights of their WaterFire stories interacting together as an enchanting reflection of WaterFire. This group exhibition showcases the work of our local talent in Providence’s cultural tapestry.

The WaterFire Volunteer Photography Program brings together local artistic talents for an exploration of Providence’s culture and provides an opportunity for local photographers to share experiences and collaborate with one another.

Volunteering with United Way for Toys for Tots

A big thank you to Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and United Way of Rhode Island for providing a wonderful volunteer experience! The WaterFire Providence team spent this morning bringing holiday cheer to local families in need. Inside the awe-inspiring hall of the Cranston Street Armory, we joined with other… Read More »Volunteering with United Way for Toys for Tots

Photograph by Scott Friedman.

Volunteer Spotlight: Dalton Kelley and Americorps

Among WaterFire volunteers, there are those who have been with us for decades, hooked since their first lighting, and others who are just starting their journey. Dalton Kelley, a member of the Americorps Topaz 13 FEMA Corps, along with the other members of his team were among these first timers… Read More »Volunteer Spotlight: Dalton Kelley and Americorps

Starry, Starry Night. Photograph by Erin Cuddigan.

5 Reasons Why Volunteerism Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

1. You make cool and unique things happen Volunteerism is an extremely unique mode of work because you get to choose exactly what it is you want to make happen. When you choose to volunteer somewhere, you get to pick exactly where based on what you’d like to make happen.… Read More »5 Reasons Why Volunteerism Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution