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Breaking Bread and Making Friends: WaterFire Community Bake Night at Flatbread Company

Pizza truly brings people together! At Flatbread Company’s Community Bake Night to benefit WaterFire, we could see the smiles on faces just as the flatbreads appeared on the tables. Community Bakes is a weekly event hosted by Flatbread Company, which is held to donate a portion of profits to a different non-profit organization every week. On Tuesday, April 16th, WaterFire Providence was the featured partner and with the support of our community, we raised over $400!

WaterFire’s partnership with Flatbread Company goes back to the restaurant’s opening in late 2013 when they brought mobile wood-fired ovens down to the river as a food vendor at WaterFire lightings. As we’re both fueled by fire, this renewed partnership between Flatbread Company and WaterFire Providence makes all the sense in the world.

Flatbread Company bakes flatbreads made with local and organic ingredients in hand-built, traditional clay ovens. Their open kitchen allows them to share the magic of baking and sharing good food with the whole Providence community, which is exactly what happened at this Community Bakes event on April 16. 

I was able to chat with members of WaterFire and the community about what brought them to Community Bake Night. Development Intern Riley Burgess exclaimed, “I came here to hang out and look at what WaterFire had to offer, grab some pizza, and enjoy good company.” Director of Creative Services Laura Duclos stated, “I love WaterFire, and I think the fact that Flatbread does this for the communities they are in is awesome.” Community is certainly an important part of what makes Flatbread Company a beloved restaurant within multiple states nationwide. 

“I love that they’re supporting WaterFire and I want to be supporting them as well,” Gretchen Wright, Development Associate, explained. She coordinated this event with Flatbread Company, which happens to be one of her favorite restaurants in Providence and had been looking forward to the event. Kellie Martin, Manager of Community and Corporate Relations, mentioned not only her love for the pepperoni and mushroom flatbread but also “coming out to support my workplace and being here for the community,” as one of the reasons she loves Community Bakes Night. 

WaterFire’s extensive volunteer network came out in full force as well! Ken Panciera, a WaterFire volunteer of nine years, came to see a friend who works at Flatbread Company– and for the food of course. When asked if he was attending the first WaterFire lighting of the season on April 18, he said yes. “Oh my God, am I! I’ve been recruiting people from Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Meeting Street School, and Ronald McDonald House– it’s gonna be an excellent night.” With such great volunteers, staff, and community members at our back, how could WaterFire Day be anything but excellent?

We would like to thank Flatbread Company for partnering with us for this Community Bakes event to benefit WaterFire Providence and for all the many ways they support the incredible variety of nonprofits in our community. They are truly keeping the fires burning, in more ways than one. Learn more about the upcoming 2024 WaterFire Lighting Season.

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