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Whether you are discovering WaterFire for the first time or stopping by to remember your WaterFire experience you will find a plethora of ways to relive the magic on our various social media channels. From video to photos and storytelling you find it here.

Don’t forget you can create new experiences by attending upcoming WaterFire lighting or events at the WaterFire Arts Center. Check out our Facebook pages for WaterFire Providence and the WaterFire Arts Center to keep abreast of the latest developments.

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Ready to meet incredible artists? Ready to own an original work of art? We're here for you today! Opening soon at 10AM >> 4pm. ⁠

Buy art from 20+ artists in the front lot of the @waterfireartscenter >> they're ready for ya!⁠

(where? 475 Valley St > FREE parking!)⁠
(pictured a wave from our friends @gatherglass)

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“Constellations”, an Afrofuturistic mural designed and painted by Providence artist Anjel Newmann is currently featured at the entrance @waterfireartscenter, outdoors for all to visit, through 11/8. Anjel Newmann is an artist, anti-racist organizer, educator, and designer of the multimedia mural that urges us to action while reminding us that the past, present, and future are all in constant conversation.⁠

Angel's poem “Constellations”:⁠

"As the city sleeps, constellations of the past⁠
redraw themselves in the night sky⁠
reminding us that, while many ships have set sail,⁠
there are many more that will leave shore in the morning.⁠
Map your destination wisely,⁠
for it is never too late to seek justice.⁠
Set ourselves free of the plantation."⁠

Anita Bruno, an outspoken activist for women’s rights and equitable justice in the workforce and the educational complex, is a union carpenter and has built the frame for the mural.⁠

This is a step towards reminding our neighbors and communities that the fight for racial justice begins at home. It is work that needs to continue at the institutional, structural, intrapersonal, and interpersonal levels. Barriers to our reaching equitable justice are hidden in plain sight, and we can begin with the unjust symbolism that remains as reminders of a past built on slavery and racist ideology.⁠

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Artists are masking up, are you?! We're gathering safely outside the @waterfireartscenter for last October ArtMart, 10am to 4pm on Saturday. Will you #MaskUpRI and be there to support our creative economy?! ⁠

@anthonytavisfolkart is representing #WaterFire luv with his @milkcanindustries @waterfireprov mask!

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#MaskUpRI + #TakeItOutside to #BuyArt! Tomorrow's ArtMart event has an incredible line up of artists, not to be missed. Stop by 475 Valley St opening at 10am going until 4pm. ⁠

Help us spread the word, invite your friends + colleagues, bring your family AND remember keep your distance and wear your mask! (and wash your hands!)

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Tonight! Instead of meeting us @waterfireartscenter meet us virtually on the 'WaterFire Providence' Facebook page for a LIVE #WaterFireSymposium with author Julie Sze. Hosted by @symposiumbooks events coordinator, Mae Zhang McCauley! ...

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Kacie Galligan, 2019 Summer Volunteer and Event Management Intern
"After graduation, I joined a team of recent grads who are on a mission to help companies unleash the world of college talent. We created a platform that makes it easy to find and manage part-time students to supercharge your business. Our platform is is headquartered right in Providence, RI. Our talent pool of students from over 500 universities specialize in everything from social media management, marketing, design, coding, business development, research, blog writing, etc. We help make connections for small to medium-size businesses and other startups. My role on the team is Head of Business Development and Sales. I also play a major role in customer success and product development. It feels really good to be helping businesses while creating opportunities for my peers during these challenging times. My experience as the Volunteer and Event Management intern at WaterFire Providence has helped me prepare to be fast-moving, adaptable, and open to new experiences leaving me ready to take on a core role in a startup company. If you're a recent grad/college student seeking work or a professional in need of a new teammate, please reach out to me at Always happy to help members of the WaterFire community!"

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Creating art isn’t just for artists, art is for everyone! Within each of us lies a spark of creativity. ...

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Great Thinkers and Philosophers
Plato believed that the arts were powerful shapers of character, able to stir up emotions and influence our behavior.
G.W.F. Hegel saw art’s role as giving intuitive, sensuous benefits to the viewer by showing us what divine and human freedom can look like.
See? Art nourishes the body and the soul while keeping you happy.
Photography by Duane Brouillette

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