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Creating Community Through Art
Become a WaterFire Providence Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities at WaterFire

Additional Volunteering Resources

WaterFire Providence may only be a seasonal production, but to make it happen, we need volunteers year-round. For more information on how you can contribute your time, skills, and talents, email our Volunteer Team.

WaterFire Providence Volunteers are an integral part of the event. They assist in all aspects of event production, special projects, and anything else we dream up.

At any one WaterFire Providence lighting, we need at least 150 volunteers to contribute. Volunteers fundraise, research, data base sort, perform, construct, manage, inform, engage, and enjoy! WaterFire volunteers come from all walks of life, and we appreciate the diversity and talents that are among them. Over the years, a network of volunteers has been established, and we are delighted at the community that they have become.

WaterFire Providence volunteers represent “everyman,” the traditional Greek Chorus and our communal spirit. Dressed in all black at nightfall, the volunteers create an unobtrusive and ceremonial communal presence, and partake in creating WaterFire. Black attire helps us be a part of the night, but faces are not masked so that we can celebrate the individuals who come together to build community.

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Between lightings there are more fun activities for volunteers. Potluck dinners, parties, outings, and projects go on throughout the year. On the off-season, volunteers help with boat building and repairs, mechanical tasks, fundraising, preparations for the next season, and the occasional special project like sewing or online research.

We welcome you to join us and discover just how much excitement and fun there is in producing such a unique and exciting event! Whether you are a “behind the scenes” kind of person, want to shine in a larger role, or you simply want to experience WaterFire from a new perspective, we would love for you to join us.

Begin your volunteer experience with WaterFire Providence by filling out our Volunteer Orientation Questionnaire.

If you are unable to volunteer you can support WaterFire Providence by making a donation online.

The WaterFire Volunteer Team is on Instagram!

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