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WaterFire lends a hand for the 48 Hour Film Project

On July 13th WaterFire Providence held a lighting that coincided the weekend with the 48 Hour Film Project. We felt it would be a great idea to offer the teams a chance bump up their productions and get some interesting shots, so we offered them our services and made a camera boat available to any interested teams.

Y2Kevin Productions and Napalm Luck Productions signed up.

 WaterFire was definitely one of the highlights during our filming for the 48hr Film Project this past weekend.  Everything from the flickering flames of floating braziers to the lights of the hanging blue stars graced us with an incredible number of gorgeous visuals in every shot.  I only wished we could have shared the incredible experience of the boat ride with more members of the crew.”

– Aaron Hartman, Napalm Luck Productions

Both films will be screened at CinemaWorld Lincoln, 622 George Washington Highway, Lincoln, RI 02865

  • Napalm Luck Production’s film “Creepyness with a Why” will be part of the Group A screening, July 16th at 7PM.
  • Y2Kevin’s film “Kill Who” will be part of the Group D screening on Wednesday, July 17th at 9:30 PM.

Visit the 48 Hours Film Project website for a full list of screenings.

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