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Slam Dunk WaterFire: A Big Win for Providence

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WaterFire Providence began the 2016 season with a dunk – a Slam Dunk! On March 18th, the basin of Waterplace Park was filled with visitors enjoying the warmth and firelight of a partial WaterFire Lighting. Braziers burned brightly and music carried far as enraptured audiences enjoyed each other’s company on the banks of the river.

But basketball was in the air! Two days of NCAA tournament games sandwiched our WaterFire lighting March 18th, lending a competitive atmosphere to the event. Hundreds of excited basketball fans from Rhode Island and around the country applied that energy and their B-ball skills to test themselves with three classic shots at The Dunkin’ Donuts Slam Dunk WaterFire game area!

At the foul line. Photo by Drew Christhilf.
At the foul line. Photo by Drew Christhilf.

Slam Dunk WaterFire participants took home hundreds of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and gift cards! Those who were particularly proud of their court abilities could have their picture taken and shared with them online, a memento that will let their friends know they can run the court!

Winners wear black! Photo by John Nickerson.
Winners wear black! Photo by John Nickerson.

A hugely popular event, Dunkin’ Donuts Slam Dunk at WaterFire was also put on in 2010, the last time Providence hosted an NCAA tournament game. This year’s incarnation was even larger and more exciting, with lights, fires, and even a Dunkin’ Donuts tasting tent!

Featured image: Start of the night. Photograph by Andre Zawadowicz

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