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The Fiery Fall Interns

The internship program here at WaterFire Providence is a great opportunity for local students and young professionals to get an inside look at one of Providence’s non-profit organizations.

This fall WaterFire Providence has over 10 interns from various Universities including Roger Williams University, Johnson & Wales and Wheaton College. WaterFire offers many different internship positions that allow the intern team to be very diverse. This fall there are social media, nonprofit management, branding and merchandising, event staffing and volunteering management, marketing and development, and graphic design interns working for WaterFire Providence.

Event photos via the WaterFire Photography Corps, see more on our Flickr page:

What’s it like to be an intern for WaterFire Providence? Let’s find out from some of our interns!

“This is a professional establishment but I’m not scared to ask questions or admit to my mistakes. This is a family: we bicker, poke fun, laugh, cry, and gather after events to talk about all the crazy things we saw.”

Natasha Martinez, Event Staffing & Volunteer Management Intern

“WaterFire Providence has a team that chooses to persevere together regardless of uncontrollable factors; the team is conscientious, driven, and determined, and it refuses to let any circumstance deteriorate the quality of experience for its audience.”

Kate Thompson, Graphic Design Intern

The atmosphere here at WaterFire allows for creative thinking and fosters inquiring minds. All interns are encouraged to post blog posts frequently reflecting on events and their days in the office. This gives the interns a way to reflect on what they have done with WaterFire and to learn about what their peers are doing as well. The team here at WaterFire are great resources for the interns and offer very helpful tips and insights to aid the learning experience.

“A positive person might say each day is an opportunity to learn something new.  To these individuals, I say: please come to the WaterFire offices and intern or volunteer– the learning is relentless!”

Lisa Burnstein, Nonprofit Management Intern

The fall season has been full of exciting events including five full lightings, Fireball 2015, and the Christening Ceremony for our new work boat Artemis! These events allow the interns to interact with our fans and see the results of everyone’s hard work! The wide variety of events allows us as interns to gain a variety of experiences and offers different challenges with each new event.

“One of my favorite tasks so far is just interacting with our customers at the event. Their feedback on our merchandise is extremely helpful and using the Square is really fun.”

Sarah Wojtusik, Branding and Merchandise Intern

“Although its hard work it’s truly amazing to see all the staff, volunteers, and interns come together to provide a free experience to the public. During each lighting I work at the Brazier Society tent, which is a catered reception for sponsors and their guests. Working with Anja, fellow interns and I coordinate guest boat reservations and walk groups to the dock. Guests are usually eager and excited for this ride so it’s great to experience such positive energy.”

Cassie Boutsioulis, Nonprofit Management Intern

Are you interested in becoming apart of the WaterFire Providence team as an intern? Apply to be apart of the intern team for the Spring 2016 season. For more information on the internship program visit our website and check out our intern blog to see what its truly like to be an intern for WaterFire Providence!

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