Windows are in!

It has been weeks of installation, but finally, the WaterFire Art Center has its new windows! Insulation around the windows is still being carefully fitted, but the final facade of the WaterFire Art Center is finally coming into place and looking fine! The panels of plywood which look similar in size… Read More »Windows are in!

Phase II Underway!

It has been an exciting few weeks at the WaterFire Arts Center! The elevator shaft has been completed, the aerial bridge connecting the second-floor mezzanines is under construction at RI welding, and the window sills are nearly all in place and ready to receive their new glazing. What used to… Read More »Phase II Underway!

Building for the Future Bonus Content | Roofing the WaterFire Arts Center

Over the past couple of weeks, The WaterFire Arts Center has had its roof replaced! Earlier we posted this video as the materials were being delivered up to the roof by crane. At this time the roofing on the main section of the building is nearly complete. It is pretty clear just how vast an improvement the new roof is over the old.

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Brick by Brick

The West End of The WaterFire Arts Center is receiving a facade lift! Many of the bricks laid in 1929 during the building’s construction have been damaged by time and New England’s harsh winters. As part of the historic restoration, all bricks with scaled faces, cracks, or damaged mortar are… Read More »Brick by Brick