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Big Ass Fans! (And kitchen cabinets too!)

A pallet of Big Ass Fans for the ceiling arrived today! No, really, that is the brand name! Big Ass Fans have made a name for themselves as designers and suppliers of giant industrial ceiling fans, and of contemporary-looking fine home fans. Our fans fall somewhere in between. They have an industrial design with exposed workings. The look will mirror the crane, old window actuators, and miscellaneous industrial elements remaining from the building’s first few occupants. And they really are big. They will have a diameter of over 10 feet with their blades installed! These large blades will keep our space quiet. Smaller fans have to have a higher RPM to move the same amount of air. They make the characteristic hum of warehouses and large bays like ours. Our large fans will be nearly silent. They are absolutely vital to the proper heating and cooling of the WaterFire Arts Center as well. Spaces with high ceilings like ours can develop pockets of hot and cool air. Our Big Ass Fans will resolve this problem. They also look REALLY cool.

Oh, and did we mention that the kitchen cabinets have arrived? They are being installed in the second-floor kitchen. They have a light maple finish that matches the countertops that form the work surfaces of the main offices.

Stay tuned to see how those Big Ass Fans look hanging from the ceiling, and we will make a snack in the kitchen to christen it into the world!

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