Laura Duclos

Over the last 10+ years, alongside some incredible co-workers and volunteers, I've worked to build the organization that WaterFire Providence is today. As Director of Creative Services, my team and I work on visual communications, graphic design, the visitor experience, merchandising as well as project management for programming at the WaterFire Arts Center. Being a part of the 'Rhode Island' experience for tens of thousands of people is incredible and I have an intense pride in place for both Downtown Providence and the Valley neighborhood.

WaterFire As a Cultural Catalyst

WaterFire Providence has been working on creating an exciting and performance packed event for the next full lighting in Providence next Saturday, August 10th. The planning and preparation for each WaterFire event is non-stop — but this weekend twelve volunteers from Rhode Island decided to take a weekend trip to… Read More »WaterFire As a Cultural Catalyst

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

The 2nd Annual Christmas WaterFire on Friday, Dec. 14th was a true Christmas scene filled with good will and a sense of peace.  Once again the bright bonfires accompanied by gorgeous music added a sparkle in Santa’s eye.  The sound of Christmas songs filled the air and scores of Christmas… Read More »Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

WaterFire Roma!

From sunset to midnight on September 21th and 22nd 2012 Barnaby Evans in cooperation with the City of Rome and in association with Tevereterno created a WaterFire installation on the Tiber River between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Giuseppe Mazzini on the Vatican side of the river near the old city.