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Emily Ferguson

Social Media Intern at WaterFire | McGill University 2019

Summer 2017 Intern Update

Summer 2017 is already flying by, and the WaterFire interns have been busy!

Spread out among 13 departments, interns play an integral role throughout the summer season. Our experiences thus far have been extremely valuable, and luckily there is still plenty of time for even more. To give you an idea of our time at WaterFire, here are some thoughts on our day-to-day responsibilities, and becoming comfortable in our positions at the office:

Everyone at WaterFire, staff and volunteers, perform valuable and important work in my opinion, and are also creating the feeling of being part of a family. WaterFire truly inspires Providence by creating this piece of art; I have had this experience already. ‘For the community, by the community.'” – Andrea Ehmke, Marketing and Development Intern

Photo by Caitlin Galamaga, Media and Videography Intern

Fortunately, when I arrived at WaterFire everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Within the first few days I felt like I was apart of the team. Teamwork is seemingly one of the most important aspects at WaterFire…I feel so fortunate to be able to learn from Anja and Allison. They are such intelligent and patient beings and I am eager to absorb as much knowledge as  I can from them throughout the duration of my time at WaterFire.” – Zara Salmon, Marketing and Development Intern

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