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July 14th, 2018 WaterFire Music Program

WaterFire Providence presents a full lighting on Saturday, July 14th sponsored by Fidelity Investments and the 2018 NACUFS National Conference. The lighting is scheduled to start just after sunset (8:20 p.m.) and is set to run through 12:30 a.m.

All of the music is the work of the original artists listed below and they retain the copyright. The music is used here by permission of the artist or the recording company and/or licensed for public performance through ASCAP, SESAC, and/or BMI (including their affiliated foreign performance right societies). We urge you to further explore and support the work of these artists through the purchase of their recordings. WaterFire Providence® and Barnaby Evans wish to thank the artists for creating such wonderful music and the recording companies for their enthusiastic cooperation and support.

Get the July 14th, 2018 music program as a Spotify playlist.

President Donald Farish of Roger Williams University receives the first light at our September 2013 WaterFire lighting.
WaterFire and its Board of Directors are dedicating this Saturday’s lighting of WaterFire to honor President Donald Farish of Roger Williams University for his inspiring leadership and his transformative impact on our community and our nation. President Farish loved the University, its students and the challenges he faced in building the institution. He was an articulate and active national spokesman for the importance of higher education and the necessity of keeping college both relevant and affordable. Under Farish’s leadership, the University flourished and expanded; enlarging its spheres of engagement in many directions.
WaterFire was honored to join Roger Williams University for its expansion into Providence and the 20th anniversary of the Law School with a special lighting of WaterFire in 2013. Don Farish and his wife Maia set the fires alight in the spirit of recognizing the inspiring power of enlightenment, reason, and education. Later we hosted over one hundred community design projects developed by Roger Williams students at the just-opened WaterFire Arts Center. I was particularly moved and honored to give the 2016 commencement address when I was also awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. President Farish’s delight in seeing each student step forth into a bright new life was felt wonderfully by all of us that day.
President Farish’s leadership, inspiring words and innovations in teaching at Roger Williams will bring light and engagement to generations still to come.  His example of careful, thoughtful and polite civic engagement inspired leaders and the community to work together to accomplish much and is a perfect example of leadership at its finest.  We will long remember President Farish and his accomplishments.  We can perhaps best honor him, by seeing his as an example of the leadership we must exhibit all across this country.  There is still much to accomplish.
This weekend’s sponsor, Fidelity Investments, wished to join us in this dedication with Rick Metters, V.P. of RI Regional  Public Affairs and Corporate Community Relations, adding, “Fidelity Investments offers its sincere condolences to the family, friends and all of those whose lives were impacted by the important work of President Donald Farish. His commitment to excellence in education, college affordability, and equity, as well as the deep bonds he forged with the community, positioned Roger Williams University as a vital and integral institution in Rhode Island. He will be greatly missed, but his words, work, and wisdom will continue to inspire us all for decades to come.”
Barnaby Evans, Exec. Artistic Director 

July 14th, 2018 – Music Program

8:20    “Being in Rhythm”
composed by Layne Redmond
performed by Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes
from Being in Rhythm

8:26    “Finney Makes a Point”
composed by Mike Figgis
performed by Mike Figgis
from Stormy Monday Soundtrack

8:29    “Halleluyah
composed by David Hykes
performed by David Hykes, Michelle Hykes and Timothy Hill voices and drum
from Harmonic Meetings

8:36    “Canzon duodecimi toni”
composed by Gabrielli, Giovanni
performed by HR Brass
from Venetian Polychoral Music

8:40    “Negro River
composed by Philip Glass
performed by Uakti
from Aguas da Amazonia

8:45    “Prelude (From the Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007)
composed by J.S. Bach
performed by Yo Yo Ma
from the Master and Commander soundtrack

8:47    “Djarimirri
composed by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
performed by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
from Australian Aboriginal Music

8:51    “Postales
composed by Federico Aubele
performed by Federico Aubele
from the Poseidon soundtrack

8:55    “See Me Lakayana
composed by Geoffrey Oryema
performed by Geoffrey Oryema
from Spirit

8:59    “El Payande
composed by Lhasa
performed by Lhasa
from La Llorona

9:03    “Union Square
performed by Devil Doll
from Queen of Pain

9:06    “Querer
performed by Cirque Du Soleil
from Alegria

9:11    “Celos
performed by The Goton Project
composed by The Goton Project
from Lunatico

9:17    “Ta Bakiera
performed by Goran Bregovic and Kayah
composed by Goran Bregovic and Kayah
from Bregovic and Kayah

9:21    “Miami”
performed by Andy Palacio
from Watina

9:25    “Amelia Desert Morning
composed by Gustavo Santaolalla
performed by Gustavo Santaolalla
from Babel

9:26    “One True Word
composed by The Accident That Led Me to the World
performed by The Accident That Led Me to the World
from The Island Gospel

9:30    “Bonatology
composed by Richard Bone
performed by Richard Bone
from Munia

9:32    “Melos”
composed by Vassilis Tsabropoulos
performed by Vassilis Tsabropoulos
from Melos

9:37    “Sin Precio”
performed by Andy Palacio
from Watina

9:40    “This Year’s Love
composed by David Gray
performed by David Gray
from White Ladder

9:45    “Lamento Sertanejo
composed by Gilberto Gil
performed by Nicolas Krassik
from Na Lapa

9:49    “Hallelujah
composed by Leonard Cohen
performed by Jeff Buckley
from Grace

9:56    “Baba”
performed by Andy Palacio
from Watina

10:00   “Desert Bus Ride
composed by Gustavo Santaolalla
performed by Gustavo Santaolalla
from Babel

10:02   “Virðulegu Forsetar”  [excerpt]
composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson
performed by the Caput Ensemble
from Virðulegu Forsetar

10:09   “Cage the Songbird
composed by Low Anthem
performed by Low Anthem
from Oh My God Charlie Darwin

10:13   “Azara Alhai
composed by Rasha
performed by Rasha
from Sudaniyat

10:20   “Heywèté
composed by Bahata Gebre-Heywèt
performed by Tèsfa-Maryam Kidané
from Ethiopiques Vol. 10

10:25   “Hurricane Season
composed by Troy Andrews
performed by Trombone Shorty
from Backatown

10:29   “Embalasasa”
composed by Samite
performed by Samite
from Embalasasa

10:33   “Anyone and Everyone
composed by Lhasa
performed by Lhasa
from Lhasa

10:36   “Vladimir’s Blues
composed by Max Richter
performed by Max Richter
from The Blue Notebooks

10:37   “Mazurka
traditional  [Cape Verdean]
performed by Bau
from Café Musique

10:41   “Krokodill
composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson
performed by the EÞos String Quartet
from Englabörn

10:44   “Ibe Siran Munlela
composed by Victor Deme
performed by Victor Deme
from Deli

10:48   “Altèlèyeshegnem
composed by Alèmayèhu Eshèté
performed by Alèmayèhu Eshèté
from Ethiopiques Vol. 10

10:53   “Opa Hey
composed by Kottarashky
performed by Kottarashky
from Opa Hey

10:56   “Ombra mai fu” from Serse
composed by George Frideric Handel
performed by Cecilia Bartoli
from Sacrificium

11:00   “Wátina” [“I called out”]
composed by Andy Palacio
performed by Andy Palacio and Garifuna
from Wátina

11:04   “Domine Fil Unigenite
reinterpreted traditional chant
performed by Mercedes Bahleda
from Mercy Songs

11:08   “Offering
composed by Ravi Shankar
(on themes of Philip Glass)
from Passages

11:18   “Waino Blues
composed by Daby Balde
performed by Dabe Balde
from Introducing Dabe Balde

11:23   “Woods
composed by Bon Iver
performed by Bon Iver
from Blood Bank

11:28   “Mariama Kaba
composed by Boubacar Traoré
performed by Boubacar Traoré
from Mariama

11:33   “Little Potato
composed by Malcolm Dalglish
performed by Malcolm Dalglish
from Metamora

11:37   “Pace, Funeral March”  [Calabria]
composed by Farina
performed by Banda Ionica
from Passione

11:40   “Sposa, non mi conosci” from Merope
composed by Geminiano Giacomelli
performed by Cecilia Bartoli
from Sacrificium

11:45   “Presentiment
composed by Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Grèbrou
performed by Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Grèbrou
from Ethiopiques Vol. 21

11:49   “Chapa Blues Band
composed by Victor Deme
performed by Victor Deme
from Deli

11:50   “Deep Blow”
composed by Manu Dibango
performed by Manu Dibango
from African Soul

11:56   “(Don’t) Tremble
composed by Low Anthem
performed by Low Anthem
from Oh My God Charlie Darwin

12:00   “Kakokolo
composed by Samite
performed by Samite
from Embalasasa

12:06   “Without Shades
composed by Zagar
performed by Zagar (Hungary)
from Cannot Walk Fly Instead

12:10   “Bué
composed by Sara Tavares
performed by Sara Tavares (Cape Verde)
from Xinti

12:14   “Babonao”
composed by Razia Said
performed by Razia Said (Madagascar)
from Zebu Nation

12:18   “Raquel
composed by Rufino Almeida
performed by Bau
from Café Musique

12:22   “Rivers of Babylon
composed by B. Dowe, F. McNaughton, Farian, Reyam
performed by The Melodians
from The Harder They Come

12:26   “Short Trip Home
composed by Edgar Meyer
performed by Joshua Bell, violin; Edgar Meyer, bass; Sam Bush, mandolin; Mike Marshall, guitar
from Short Trip Home

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