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August 13, 2022 – WaterFire Music Program

Photograph by Jeffrey Stolzberg

WaterFire Providence presents a Full Lighting of WaterFire on Saturday, August 13, 2022. The lighting will begin around 7:58 pm and is set to run until midnight. This lighting is supported by the Papitto Opportunity Connection. Learn more about the performances other programming offered this evening.

All of the music is the work of the original artists listed below and they retain the copyright. The music is used here by permission of the artist or the recording company and/or licensed for public performance through ASCAP, SESAC, and/or BMI (including their affiliated foreign performance rights societies). We urge you to further explore and support the work of these artists through the purchase of their recordings. WaterFire Providence® and Barnaby Evans wish to thank the artists for creating such wonderful music and the recording companies for their enthusiastic cooperation and support.

Get the August 13, 2022 music program as a Spotify playlist.

August 13, 2022 – Music Program

7:43       “Petit Pays”
composed by Nando Da Cruz
performed by Cesária Evora
from The Very Best of Cesária Evora
7:47       “Bamako”
composed by Roswell Rudd
performed by Roswell Rudd and Toumani Diabate
from Malicool
7:53       “Shortyville”
composed by Troy Andrews & Raphael Saadiq
performed by Trombone Shorty
from Say That to Say This
7:58       “Fanfare for the Common Man”
composed by Aaron Copland
performed by Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra
from Make America Great Again!
8:02       “Git Up”
composed by Gregory Davis
performed by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
from Twenty Dozen
8:08       “Offering”
composed by Ravi Shankar (on themes of Philip Glass)
performed by Ravi Shankar
from Passages
8:17       "Rotcha Scribida”
composed by Amandio Cabral
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cesaria Evora
8:22      “O Pastor”
composed by Pedro Ayres Magelhaes & Madredeus
performed by Madredeus
from O Espírito Da Paz
8:26       “Funny How Love Is”
composed by Roland Gift & David Steele
performed by Fine Young Cannibals
from Fine Young Cannibals
8:29       “Emotion Ocean”
composed by Habibah Quddus
performed by Habibah Quddus
from Emotion Ocean
8:35       “Ani Oyo (Reimagined)”
composed by Samite
performed by Samite
from Dance My Children, Dance
8:38       “When Will You Believe”
composed by George Johnson
performed by George Johnson
from When Will You Believe
8:42       “Soul Makossa”
composed by Manu Dibango
performed by Manu Dibango
from Soul Makossa
8:46       “Taino”
composed by Carine Paul
performed by Carine Paul
from Taino
8:49       “Saya - Motherland: The Score”
composed by Sona Jobarteh
performed by Sona Jobarteh
from Motherland
8:53       “Saludo Compay (Son)”
composed by Eliades Ochoa
performed by: Eliades Ochoa
from Sublime Ilusión
8:58       “Mauvais sang”
composed by Khaled Hadj Brahim
performed by Khaled
from Khaled
9:04       “Djôn'Maya”
composed by Victor Démé
performed by Victor Démé
from Victor Démé
9:08       “Peace and Power”
composed by Joanne Shenandoah
performed by Joanna Shenandoah
from Peace and Power
9:12       “Chasing Bombs”
composed by Big Lux
performed by Big Lux & Laura Dowding
from Chasing Bombs
9:17       “Deen Wolo Mousso”
composed by Victor Démé
performed by Victor Démé
from Victor Démé
9:22       "The Face of Love”
composed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Eddie Vedder
performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Eddie Vedder
from Dead Man Walking soundtrack
9:27       “Besame Mucho”
composed by Consuelo Velasquez
performed by Cesária Evora
from The Best of Cesária Evora
9:32       "Warda’s Whorehouse”
composed by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso
performed by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso
music from The Screens
9:35       “Dindirindin”
traditional song
performed by Zorgina Vocal Ensemble: Rebecca Bain, Ellen Santaniello and Ruth Eiselsberg
from Polyphonics
9:38       “Chan Chan”
composed by Company Segundo
performed by Company Segundo and Ry Cooder
from Buena Vista Social Club
9:42       “Lucia”
composed by Lon E. Plynton
performed by Lon E. Plynton
from Lucia
9:47       “Kothbiro”
composed by Ayub Ogada
performed by Ayub Ogada
from African Voices: Songs of Life
9:52      “Roucky”
composed by Ali Farka Touré
performed by Ali Farka Touré, vocals and guitar with Taj Mahal (guitar) & Group ASKO
from The Source
10:01      “La Fama (feat. The Weekend)”
composed by Rosalía, Abel Tesfaye, Noah Goldstein, Adam Feeney, Alejandro Ramírez, Marco Masis, Pablo Diaz-Reixa, Dylan Wiggins & David Rodriguez
performed by Rosalía
from Motomami
10:04      “El Carretero”
traditional Cuban folksong
performed by Compay Segundo, Ruben Gonzales, Eliades Ochoa and Ry Cooder
from Buena Vista Social Club
10:07      “Quizas, Quizas”
composed by Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango
performed by Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango
from CubaAfrica
10:14      “Kun Fe Ko”
composed by Oumou Sangare
performed by Oumou Sangare et al
from Worotan
10:18      “My Love is Real”
composed by Becky Bass
performed by Bill Bass Steel Pans featuring Becky Bass on Vocals
from My Love is Real
10:23      “Algunas Bestias” middle section from "Canto General”
composed by Mikis Theodorakis
text by Pablo Neruda
performed by Alexandra Papadjiakou, alto
from Canto General
10:26      “Ndere”
composed by Samite Mulondo
performed by Samite Mulondo
from  African Voices
10:28      “Diaraby”
composed by Ali Farka Touré with Ry Cooder
performed by Ali Farka Touré, Ry Cooder and Groupe Asco
from Talking Timbuktu
10:36      “Cielito Lindo”
composed by Manu Dibango
performed by Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango
from CubaAfrica
10:39      “Wahrane”
composed by Khaled Hadj Brahim
performed by Khaled
from Best of Khaled
10:44      “Muzinge”
composed by Samite Mulongo (Uganda)
performed by Samite Mulongo (Uganda)
from Pearl of Africa Reborn
10:48      “Love and Liberté”
composed by Gipsy Kings
performed by Gipsy Kings
from Cantos de Amor
10:52      “New ‘Opihi Moemoe No. 3”
composed by Leonard Kwan
performed by Leonard Kwan
from Ke’ala’s Mele
10:56      “All She Wanna Do”
composed by John Stephens, Ryan Tedder, Michael Pollack, Jake Torrey, Tia Scola, Jeff Halavacs, Zach Skelton, Stefan Johnson, Jordan K. Johnson, Diamonté Harper & Larrance Dopson
performed by John Legend & Saweetie
from Legend
10:59      “Fanático”
composed by Maria Rodriguez Garrido and Mikel Cabello Negrin
performed by Maikel Delacalle and Mala Rodríguez
from Fanático
11:02 "Sabu Yerkoy"
composed by Ali Farka Toure
performed by Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté
from Ali and Toumani
11:07      “Milonga Triste”
composed by Sebastian Piana & Homero Manzi
performed by Hugo Diaz y su Conjunto
from The Tango Lesson soundtrack
11:09      “Sodade”
composed by Luís Morais & Amandio Cabral
performed by Cesária Evora
from Miss Perfumado
11:13      “Moe ‘Uhane” (Dream Slack Key)”
composed by Sonny Chillingworth
performed by Sonny Chillingworth
from Sonny Solo
11:16      “Israelites”
composed by Desmond Dacres, Desmond Dekker, Leslie Kong & The Aces
performed by Desmond Dekker
from Israelites: The Best of Desmond Dekker (1963-1971)
11:19      “Shhh/Peaceful” excerpt
composed by Miles Davis
performed by Miles Davis et al.
from In a Silent Way
11:24      “Besoka on Salsa”
composed by Manu Dibango
performed by Manu Dibango
from Manu ‘76
11:32      “Ay Papacito”
composed by Carlos Méndez
performed by Eliades Ochoa
from Sublime Illusion
11:36      “Gaucho”
composed by Gustavo Santaolalla
performed by Gustavo Santaolalla
from Ronroco
11:40      “Lamento Cubano”
composed by Eliseo Grenet
performed by Bebo Valdés Trio
from El Arte del Sabor
11:43      “De Los Amores”
composed by Javier Lazo
performed by Susana Baca
from Eco de Sombras
11:49      “The Thrill is Gone”
composed by Rick Darnell & Roy Hawkins
performed by Aretha Franklin
from Spirit In The Dark
11:53      “Bué”
composed by Sara Tavares
performed by Sara Tavares (Cape Verde)
from Xinti
11:58      “Keep a Cool Head”
composed by Desmond Dacres& Desmond Dekker
performed by Desmond Dekker & The Aces
from This Is Desmond Dekker 

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