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WaterFire Easter Egg Hunt

Illustration by Bess Butterworth

About the WaterFire Easter Egg Hunt

Last week Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo delighted us all when she announced that she had decreed that the Easter Bunny was an “essential worker” and that she/he* will still be making the rounds, hiding eggs, and dropping off treats for the kids. Inspired by this can-do attitude we put together this egg hunt to help the Easter Bunny reach more people over the internet so everyone can have fun this weekend.  

Some of the eggs hidden in our images are Pysanky (Ukrainian for Easter eggs). These beautifully painted eggs are considered by many to be the highest form of decorated eggs the world over. Learn more about the history of Easter Eggs.

*  Yes, indeed.  Of course the gender of the Easter Bunny is a long standing controversy.  We contacted Easter Bunny HQ for the Bunny’s preferred pronouns, but have not yet heard back.