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Light a Luminaria Lantern

Photo by Thomas Payne
Photograph by Thomas Payne

Keep the Fires Burning!

Luminaria Sales Table
Photograph by Donna L. DeBiasio

Become an Ambassador of Light and directly participate in illuminating the city of Providence!

Share your Dedication with the World at WaterFire

For a $5 donation or more, WaterFire invites you to dedicate your paper lantern with a commemoration, a hope, a wish, a remembrance, your name, or the reason for your visit to WaterFire. You will light your candle lantern and be led into the park where you will place it in a special spot. All the dedication cards are saved and preserved in a book at WaterFire.

“All you need is love.”

This is a very special saying that reminds me of you. You will always be in my heart. I love you Papa.

Visitors Ella and Sophia.

To a happy healthy year.

To fun times and love.


To Reese Sears, My grandson.

Though you are gone, you will be long remembered.

Grandma Georgia

I hope you come back soon Papi.

Thanks for all you do. Please come home safe.

Yavonni, Kathy, and Julian.

To an amazing friendship of 11 or so years.

May the friendship never end. Glad I met you before I died.

Isabel H.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be me.

After all we’ve been through thank you for being my best friend and pretty much a sister. I love you to death!

Kat S.

I dedicate this luminaria to my mom.

She had a conversation with me that may have saved my life. She told me I had grit. U do have grit and I can overcome this. I love you so much mom.


Tables will be open from sunset until 11:00 pm.

CELEBRATE with Luminaria on your special occasion whether it be a small intimate birthday wish or an extraordinary WaterFire wedding. For more information please visit our CELEBRATE page.

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