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WaterFire Staff Stories: Devanshi Ved

What do you do at WaterFire? How long have you been involved?

My name is Devanshi Ved, I am the Special Events Assistant and a new member of the WaterFire Team. I started in the position 7 months ago in February, but I was also an Events and Operations Intern in 2018! Normally my job would be designing the Brazier Society reception tent, along with Sponsor Tents. Booking Performers for the Main Stage and Steeple Stage. I would also be responsible for the Celebrate Program where people can book packages to propose, have a special meal, and many other magical moments at the WaterFire Installation downtown.

My job has evolved due to the pandemic, and I have been involved in planning two Virtual Stay Home WaterFires, my major role was booking performers for the show. I was also a part of the Decameron Project that just passed. Lastly, I create a lot of layouts for events in the WaterFire Arts Center, and hopefully soon many more downtown.

My favorite part of my job is working with amazing people, restaurant owners, performers and creatives. I love that it is my job to bring art to the public (for free). I love that I’m a part of something so special that brings joy to so many people.

What is something that people might not know about WaterFire that you think they should?

I think it’s important for people to know the work that goes into making an event like this. It is magical that we build something at this scale in the heart of the city. We close major city streets for a night, and return everything back to normal before the sun rises the next morning. We set up tents, stages, lights, and audio, all outside for one night.

When I was a part of the events as an Intern, It made me marvel at what was possible, what a group of people could create, and working at WaterFire, I’ve gained an “anything is possible” approach. How could you not, working with this amazing team that can make brilliant concepts a reality.

What was the first place you visited after Rhode Island began to reopen? 

The Daily Note had a poetry night in one of their friend’s backyards. It was a beautiful experience, where people had a platform for expression, and the event was local and homegrown, It felt like hanging out with friends. The Daily Note is a Cultural Platform, doing podcast style conversations, along with Hosting events and selling Merchandise.

I also got my first cup of coffee from Riffraff, in their gorgeous open air plaza.

What is a hidden gem in our community that you think people should know about?

It’s not hidden at all, but Troop is one of my favorite places. There’s such a strong sense of community, I’ve met some amazing people there, and I can’t wait until it’s safe to go out dancing at Troop again 🙂

Name a restaurant/bar/park/place that you support that has inspired you with its coronavirus response.

I love that The Industrious Spirit Company was giving out free hand-sanitizer (that they made from their Alcohol Production) with orders.

Clear Currents and La Gondola on the river (Photograph by Andre Zawadowicz)
Clear Currents and La Gondola on the river,Photograph by Andre Zawadowicz.

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