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WaterFire Clear Currents 2012

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Grab Your Paddles and Help Us Light Up the River During WaterFire’s Event On Saturday, September 15th

Clear Currents is the portion of the evening’s Waterfire event that incorporates 100 illuminated Japanese koi (fish) temporarily mounted on canoes and kayaks that registered participants will paddle up and down the river after sunset. The light from these brightly colored fish will beautifully compliment the 80 wood burning braziers installed on the river!

How Can You Help?

Waterfire Providence is looking for experienced paddlers, who own a canoe or kayak, to sign up and join us as participants in this unique on-the-water event. Here’s your chance to play an active role in this truly unique work of art! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Waterfire up close and personal from right on the river!

WaterFire is requesting a minimum participation fee to help cover the cost of materials for this exciting event. The fee includes a Clear Currents commemorative T-Shirt for registered participants.

  • $25 for a one person Kayak (solo kayaks only please)
  • $30 for a two person Canoe (canoes must have 2 paddlers)

All articipants must be 18+ years old or be accompanied on board by a experienced paddler who is over the age of 18.

Sign-Up or get more information about this event.


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I've worked at WaterFire Providence since 2003. For the first 9 years of my career, I worked in the Production Shop learning all of the details that go into the physical production of the event. In 2012 transitioned to the role of managing WaterFire's social media and web presence. I now head up WaterFire Providence's digital projects including, web, social, databases, and our physical IT infrastructure.

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  1. I work for a bus company in SI,NY we have received a couple of requests for this event. I have never been there and I am thinking of put a trip together as well. I believe your next waterfater is Sept. 15, 2012. Do you have any suggestions of hotels or what they can do in a two days stay restaurants, etc. I would apprecaite all your help and guidance. Thank you kindly!

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