WaterFire Providence is very grateful for all our donors’ generous support and help in keeping the fires burning bright in downtown Providence! Thank you!

Consider making a tribute donation to WaterFire in honor or in remembrance of a loved one.

2014 WaterFire Donors

2013 WaterFire Donors2012 WaterFire Donors

Thank You for Keeping the Fires Burning!

Donors are listed in the order that WaterFire received the donation.  Please contact corinne@waterfire.org, if you would like to change your listing or would like your donation to be listed in honor of or in memory of a loved one.

The Brazier Society $1,500-$10,000

Individual Members

Corporate Members

Fire Starter $1,000-$1,499

Judith Bentkover and Peter Allaman
Antone M. Botelho III
Chestnut Hill Realty Corp.
Alice and Davide P. Dukcevich
Jill Brody and Herb Emers
Ellen Galkin and David Galkin
Gayle Gifford and Jonathan Howard
Karen Hammond and Michael A. Quattromani
Elizabeth Isdale and George Isdale
Diana L. Johnson and V. Duncan Johnson
Christine Kent and John Kent
Susan S. Klawans
Law Enforcement Research & Consult
Louise Mauran Groton
Edward F. McCrory
Norman McCulloch, Jr.
Jenny Mello and Peter Mello
John D. Muggeridge
Elizabeth Myers and Christopher Myers
Charles Page
Joan Slafsky and Dr. S. Frederick Slafsky
John Madeiros
Chiara Van Erp and Peter G. Van Erp

Playing With Fire $500-$999

Mark G. Brown
Michael Danahy
Judith Danforth and Murray S. Danforth, III
Melissa E. Darigan
Betsey Delaney
Laurie DiBattista and Joseph DiBattista
Kathryn Edstrom and Dr. Lee E. Edstrom
Elaine Fain and Barry Wald Fain
Falvey Linen Supply
Linda Feit and Lloyd Feit
Adelita S. Orefice and John P. Fracasso
Mimi Grant and Robert Grant
Yvette Harpootian and John M. Harpootian
Charlotte H. Harrison
Myra Hart and Kent J. Hewitt
Dr. Kathleen Hittner and Barry Hittner
John K. Irwin
Patricia Jeffrey
Brooke Lee and Eugene Lee
Marcia Clayton and William A. Maloney
Alison McNuaghton and Don McNaughton
Maureen C. Moore and Wayne D. Moore
Sylvia Moubayed and Alvin S. Stallman
Jane Nelson
John Chambers
Regina A. Partridge and John J. Partridge
Dr. Anna Pomfret and Dr. David B. Pomfret, FACP
Isabel O’Donnell and Carmine A. Rao
Paula H. Rooks and William J. Rooks
Roz Rustigian
Kathleen Sprague
Eugenia Shao and Neil Steinberg
Wally and Jo Stroble Foundation
Lisa Resnek Wyett
Laurie Volk and Todd Zimmerman
Amy Fraser Zinsser

Stars of WaterFire $250-$499

Joan Abrams and Richard Abrams
Robert DiMuccio
Priscilla W. Ballou
Michelle Barbieri
Daniel A. Baudouin
Roger Bergenheim
Temple Beth-El
Samuel Bradner
Mary Lou Burns
Donna M. Cimini and Donald J. Cimini
Lee D. and Sean Coffey
Mary Killeen and John J. Connor
Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program
Polly Daly and Robert Daly
Marguerite Odeh and David Odeh
Lynette Labinger and Ross Eadie
East Bay Ice Co., Inc.
Bonita S. Fluck and Linton A. Fluck III
Patricia A. Fuller
Susan E. Geary and Jose Amor Y Vazquez
Toni Green and Frederick Green
Sarah A. Barker and Steven P. Hamburg
Barbara Haynes
Mary Hofmann
Susan and Richmond Jeffrey
Holly Jensen
Helene Kisch and Ethan H. Kisch
Loredana P. Lister and Stephen B. Lister
Suzanne M. Magaziner and Ira C. Magaziner
Gayle Mandle and Roger Mandle
Karen Triedman and Ronald C. Markoff
Jacqueline C. Marro and Anthony Marro
Joananne Marshall and John L. Marshall, III
John Mongelli
Paul & Jean Moran
Dr. John Nazarian
Michael Obel-Omia
Joe O’Connor
Mary E. Parris
William Piccerelli
Deirdre L. Plauson
Danica Farley and Enrico Porrino
Doreen Putnam and J. Edward Putnam
Barbara Sokoloff and Dr. Hebert Rakatansky
Julie Longtin
Carla Ricci and Russell Ricci
Dr. Robin S. Richman
Mrs Lila Sapinsley
John Slafsky
Marshall Sponder
Terri Stone
Judith A. Taylor
Jean Tye

Catching on Fire $100-$249

Muriel M. Almeida and Armand J. Almeida
Julia Alpin
Jody Alves and James Alves
Bernadette Andrews and Edward Andrews
Marilyn Archibald
Wayne A. Barnes
Vincent Bartolini
Roxanne Beal
Priscilla Drucker and JP Berwald
Sharleen E. Bowen and Dr. Lawrence P. Bowen
Marguerite T. Bowker and Alan L. Bowker
Dr. William Braden, III
Doris Briggs
Nancy Calenda and Dr. Alexander Calenda
Elizabeth C. Capozzi and Edmund F. Capozzi
Renee F. Chicoine
Sophia Cohen
Cheryl A. Comai and Nicholas H. Kondon
Paul Coss
Nancy Costantino and David Costantino
Anne C. Cote
Elizabeth Coutu and Andrew Coutu
Jeanne Crespi
Laura Young and Frank J. Cummings, MC
Betty Dana and Lewis Dana
David A. De Vecchis
Sandra L. DeConti and Merlin A. DeConti, Jr.
Christopher Demakis
Deborah Derbander
Hemali Desai
Marie C. Di Biasio and Guy N. Di Biasio
Kate Dolan
Damaris Rohsenow and Norman Dudziak, Jr.
Karl S. Eckert
Anne Ejnes and Yul Ejnes
Pamela J. and William E. Morgan
Maria E. Fadale and Dr. Paul D. Fadale
Joyce E. Fairbanks and Joseph F. Fairbanks
Jeffrey E. Fear
Barbara Feibelman and Kenneth Orenstein
Russell W. Field, Jr.
Ronald Lee Fleming
Marie Fraley
Freeway Car Wash
Lisa Fuller
Cheryl A. Gherardini
Susan H. Gimblet
Dr. Lisa Goldstein
Robert Gondola
Cynthia A. Good
Sidney F. Greenwald
Ellen Gregg and Brian F. Gregg
Hazel Grossman
Sandra Guida and Patrick Guida
Teresa Hacunda and Peter Hacunda
Maureen Harkavy
Virginia G. Harnois and Jean Harnois
Lise Hasegawa and Alan Hasegawa
Sean Holley
Vicky Hollman and Peter Hollmann
Robert N. Hopkins
Scott W. Hudson
Brenda G. Hughes
Elizabeth Hughson
Constance Pemmerl and Douglas L. Jacobs
Russell Jeffrey
Brian Jepson
Mary Ruby & Jack Jordan
J. Philip Kane
Margaret E. Kane
Susan Kaplan
Effie Karas
Linna Kite and Mr William L. Kite, Jr.
Angie Koziara and Tom Wojick
Julie Krot
Dorothy B. and Howard S. Lampal
Ruth Landow and George Landow
Susan R. LaPidus
Cathleen M. Laverty and David Laverty
Barbara Levine
Patricia S. Ley and Curtis A. Ley
Roanne Licht and Richard Licht
Professor Lewis Lipsitt and Edna Lipsitt
Hannah Bell-Lombardo and John S. Lombardo
Mary MacDonald
Christine Maino
Eunice Malkasian
Marilyn V. Malone and Patrick M. Malone
Betty McCool and Dixon McCool
Lynne McCormack
Jane E. Rindsberg and Steven J. McDonald
Jane McGuirk and James R. McGuirk
Barbara J. McWhirter and Richard A. McWhirter
Joseph W. Migneault
Joanne L. Miller
Linda Miller
Patricia Moriarty
Deborah Moxham
Victoria M. Murray
Beverly E. Najarian
Patricia Nanian and Kenneth B. Nanian
Mark Nassiff
Pearl G. Nathan
Virginia Nathan and Alan Nathan
Linda Newman and Jack Newman
Elsie Nickerson and John Nickerson
Mafalda I. Nula and Robert H. Nula
Ocean State Pyrotechnics, Inc.
Jennifer M. O’Donnell
Shirley Orrino
Alice Oyer and Dr. Calvin Oyer
Susan M. Pacheco
Nancy Papagno
and Gordon L. Parker, Jr.
Marsha Rheubottom and Seth Parker
Bonnie B. and Richard H. Pearson
Deborah F. Perlamn and Elliot M. Perlman
Shirley Pickell and Barry Pickell
Theresa L. Pinard
Susan Pirri
Joseph M. Pomoransky
Kathy Pontes and Robert S. Pontes
Janet Przygoda and Dr. John J. Przygoda
Marilyn Quesenberry and Peter J. Quesenberry
Stephen C. Rebello
Abby R. Ribbans and Peter J. Ribbans
Betsy Jones and Matthew Ricci
William Ricci, Jr.
Francis Richards Jr.
Joan Richards
Richard Richarson
Judith Robbins and Arthur Robbins
Sharyn L. Rock and James H. Rock
Nancy and Fred Rockefeller
Sharon I. S. Rounds
Kenneth Ryan
Mr.s Cynthia B. and Peter D. Sanders
Tia G. Scigulinsky and Kenneth F. Scigulinsky
E. Ann Scott & James Scott
Lucie G. Searle
Roxie Sgouros
Jenifer Sheehy
Priscilla Shube and Wayne Rosenberg
Christie Smith
Audrey Sprague and Robert Sprague
Michele R. St. Coeur
Elizabeth B. Staples and Richard F. Staples, Jr.
Susan Steed
Dexter L. Strong
Bea Temkin
Thomas Morelli
Virginia Thomas and Anthony Thomas
Molly Tracy and Mark A. Tracy
Susan A. Triedman and Herbert L. Triedman
Mary Jo Kaplan and Scott Triedman, MD
Judy Tsui and Peter Dull
Muriel P. Vetter and George M. Vetter, Jr.
Lori Martone-Vinci and Vincent J. Vinci
Catherine Vitalo
Gail Colburn and Robert A. Walsh, Jr.
Ronnee Wasserman
Jonathan C. Waugh
Terry A. Tegnazian and Scott H. Whittle
Susan Williamson and Milton Williamson
Joanne S. Woody and Michael M. Woody
Carol Wooten and Mr.. William O. Lepore, Jr.
Donna W. Yan
June Youngs and Todd J. Youngs


Lighting  the Way $1-$99

Michael Aaronson
Joyce Aijala
Melody Lloyd Allen and Jeffrey Vale
Susan Allen and Peter Allen
Sandra B. Allen
Cynthia Arago
Margaret Arakelian
Catherine Valenti and Mardo M. Atoyan
Donna Coccio Attardo and David P. Attardo
Nancy Ayton and William Ayton
Cheryl Balon and Dr. Stanley Balon
Barbara Daley Gaviani
Corinne Barber
Daniel C. Baublis
M. Rachel Baxter and John C. Baxter
Karen Allen Baxter
Patricia Beauchamp and Bruce Beauchamp
Bernice J. Belt
Stephanie Benedetti
Blackstone Auto Sales & Body, Inc.
Alda Blackwood and Mr. Arthur H. Blackwood
Timothy Blankenship
Debbie Block and Bill Harley
Barbara H. Blumenthal and Bernard J. Blumenthal
Brenda M. Booth and Cameron T. Booth
Ann Borah and Robert Borah
Wendy Bowen
Alan Bradbury
MaryAnn Branin
Patricia A. Brescia and Thomas J. Brescia
Hope R. Brothers
Carol Scotto Brotman and Roger Brotman
Ann C. Brouillette and Donald C. Brouillette
Leslie Brown and Mr. Wendell Brown
Christine R Bryan
Elaine T. Bucci
Irene and Norman Buck
Jackie Buckley
Susan Kiernan Bundy and David Scott Bundy
Kathy Callahan and Frederick Callahan
Dawn and Philip Campbell
Stacey J. Capizzano
Jane Carlson
John Carlson
Kirsten Carlson
Patricia Ann Carnevale
Paula M. Martiesian and Kenneth Carpenter
Nancy A. Carriuolo and Ralf E. Carriuolo
Kelly Carter
Steve L. Castiglioni
Richard Chafee
Sokphath Chan
Wayne Cohen
Jonathan Colby
Eloise G. Collins
Adelaide E. Comegys
Michael Convery
Roberta Coombs
Janet Cooper-Nelson
Robert Correa
Joseph Correia
Jane M. Cotnoir
Rita Cramer
Carolyn Keenan D’Agostino and Peter R. D’Agostino
Lisa Danburg
Bronwyn A. Dannenfelser and Dr. Richard A. Dannenfelser
Jessica David
Charles A. Denault
Gabrielle Davis
Kathryn R. De Boer and Cornelis J. De Boer
Catherine C. Demeo andVincent J. Demeo
Michelle B. Denault
Douglas C. Devaux
Muriel Dickinson
Mary Lu DiMase and Richard A. DiMase
Lynda DiStefano
Kay M. Doherty
Louise E. Domingos and Richard J. Domingos, Jr.
Lori A. Dorr
Paula Downs and Christopher Downs
Michael S. Drane
Laura Duclos
Claire Dufresne and Mss. Christine Dufresne
Jeannine A. Dugas and David Dugas
Ann Duhaime
Ritza and Paul Dulchinos
Marilyn Eanet
Eleanor Owens Earle
Sharon Edwards and Sherman Edwards
Paul Martineau
Cynthia K. Ernest
Elizabeth Evans and Peter Evans
Constance F. Evrard
Scott Ferreira
Martha Finn
Diane M. Dawson and Anthony V. Fiore
Patrice and Mark Fitzgerald
Ann H. Miller and Mr. Henri Flikier
John DeBiasio
Denise Foley and Mr. John E. Foley
Stephanie Fortunato
Sharon Forziati and Kenneth Forziati, Jr.
Elizabeth Francis
Wayne M. Franklin
Kathleen M. Geezil and Michael E. Geezil
Margaret E. Finn and Thomas D. Getz
Lizann R. Gibson
Matthew Gilbert
Gary Gilliam and Don Gilliam
Barbara Girard
Carla Gladstone
Mary C. Golde
Kerrie K. Gondola
Gerald Gravina
Margery Greene
George Gregorian
Amanda J. Grossi
Lisa Guillette
Marlene Haiken
Heidi Miller Harris and Mark A. Harris
Michael Harris
Patricia Hart
Juliana K. Hart and Richard K. Hart
Ryan M. Hastings
Elizabeth A. Havrylik and Lawrence S. Havrylik
Carol Healey and Stephen Healey
Helen Drew and Kenneth Payne
Marie C. Henderson and A. Brandt Henderson
Tracey J. Hibbard
Harry L. Hoffman
Janice S. Howard
Elisabeth Hunt
Catherine Beyer Hurst
Jeri-Ann McElroy and P. William Hutchinson
Carol Hutchinson and Thomas Hutchinson
Ann T. Jackson and James A. Jackson
JoAnn Jagielski
Peter E. Jakubowski
Sharon I. and Richard A. Johnson
Ralph Jones
Nancy Jordan
Mary L. Joslin and Robert A. Joslin
Ellen Kahn
Neal H. Kaplan
Robert J. and Jay C. Karwacki
Sharon Katseff and David A. Katseff
Vallerie M. Kent
Jacqueline O Ketner
Mary Ann Kish
Paul Kluk
Sandra K. Kohring and Kerry R.M. Kohring
Susan Korte
Heinz F. Kuebel
Ariana Lamb
Robert E. Lanou
Dr. Abbot R. Laptook
Cynthia Latham and Peter Latham
Patricia Laurans
Karen Dawn LeBlanc
Louise R and Robert L. LeBlanc
Marjorie L. Lederer
Glynnis Lee
JoAnn Lefebvre
Gary LeFrancois
Varda Lev and Robert Lev
Cynthia L. Lewis and Burt G. Lewis
Doris Licht and Ron Borod
Paul M. Lilla
Evelyn Lincoln
Martha Livingston and Stanley Livingston
Mrs. Frank Licht
Gregory Lloyd
David Pemberton
Nelida Lorence
Steven Lubar
Melanie Lussier
Carol Machado and Kenneth R. Machado
Geralyn Mackay
Frederick Macri
Leslie Warner Maloney
Carol Marciano and Robert S. Marciano, Jr.
Maria A. Markovich
Jean Marrapodi
Dorothy W. Marshall and David E. Marshall
Alice Martin
Gay L. Martin
Paul E. Martineau
Ivy Marwil and Daniel Marwil
Ann C. Mason
Jennifer Mason
Anne Masse and Richard Masse
Maureen O’Neil
Paul F. McCarthy
Lee McDaniel
Wendy Lee McDavitt and Edward D. McDavitt
Hilary Evans McDevitt
Tom McGrath
Elizabeth J. and Robert G. McGregor
Natalia McManus and William B. McManus
Veronica R. Jutras and Sarah L. McShane
Margaret C. Mead
Paula Medeiros and John Medeiros
Jack Mello
Phillip Mello
Lisa Meriwether
Sethu Meyyappan
Eleanor Miller and Lewis Miller
Jennifer Newkirk and Kennon Miller
Vilma Moclair
Raymond Murray
Bruce Musicus
Judith Greaney Newlands and Bruce W. Newlands
Martha Nielsen
Martha L. Neilsen and J. Louis Nielsen
Cynthia M. Norman
Peter M. O’Connor
Anne O’Hara and Francis O’Hara
Carol Oliver and Robert Oliver
Leslie Tobias Olsen
Carl Ostermann
Carla Pacheco
Anna S. Pagano and Paul Pagano
Jeanine Palumbo
Karen Parker
Nina Parrett
Jean Patiky and Mark Patiky
Carol G. Picard and Paul R. Picard
and Jeffrey R. Pickering
Cynthia Pilla
Plan G
Bonnie Schultz Platzer
Carla Porter
Nancy A. Potter
Mary Prescott and James Prescott
Linda Quinn
Justin C. Reece
Faye L. Reedy
Katie Ricci
Paula Mae Richard and Theodore J. Richard, III
Steven A. Richards
Jennifer F. Riedel and David T. Riedel
Domenic Rignanese
Mimo Gordon Riley and David P. Riley
Jeffrey Rogg
Karen T. Romer
Maria L. Rondeau and Edward L. Rondeau
Barbara Kiley Rubine and Allen P. Rubine
Catherine Cruz and Michael A. Rudnick
Carole L. Sammartino and Dr. Clark A. Sammartino
Richard F. Santopietro
Mary Schultz and Lynn C. Schultz
Sharon A. and David L. Schwartz
Diane E. Scola
Amanda Shannon
Debra S. Shapiro and Joseph B. Shapiro
Irene Shewchuck
Janine da Silva
Izilda Silveira
Nicholas R. Silvestri
John A. Simonetti
Mary Louise Slicker and Clyde C. Slicker
Barbara L. Smith
Tara Smith
Wilder M. Snodgrass
Pakkanat Sompongtam
Mary K. South
Patricia A. Souta and Joseph S. Souto
Timothy Springfield
Lee E. Sproul Jr.
Marita T. Stapleton
Janet B. Steig
Kent Stetson
Sharon Stevens and Mr. Thomas E. Stevens
Constance Stiefel
Linda A. Stockdale and Alan Stockdale
Matt Stone
Gail S. Storms and Alan D. Storms
Jennifer D. Stout
Jeanne A. Sturim and Howard Sturim
Margot Summerhill
Frances Syner and David Syner
Stahley Szebenyi
Kenneth Tait
Janet Downing Taylor
Judith Tessier and Noel J. Tessier
Eva Marx and Thomas Marx
Jeanne Thompson
Carol Giliberto and William Tilchin
Judith Tolnick Champa
Martha McLaud Tonucci
Ms.Danielle Torres
John K. Trainor
United Methodist Retirement Center
Susan B. Vancura
Kativa K. and Charles F. Vansant
Carlos Vargas
Stephen Villari
David Vinacco
Paul Vinger
John Vittal
Arthur J. Vuozzo Jr.
Mary C. Walker
Walter Polesky
Karen A. Ward
Karen Wasser and Nathan B. Beraha M.D.
Judith Romney Wegner and Peter Wegner
Leslie E. Weidenman
Ursula Weimersheimer
Nancy and Herb Weiss-Freid
Gail Whipple
Molly and Mark Whitney
Maria D. Wilk and Walter L. Wilk
Geraldine L. Williams and Donald R. Williams
Martha E. Williams
Ada Winsten and Harold H. Winsten
Joyce Krabach and J. Scott Wolf
Marlene Wolpert and Bruce A. Wolpert
Mary M. Worrell and Richard D. Worrell
Harriet Wrenn and James Wrenn
Andriy Baran and Wojciech Wroblewski
David M. Wulff
Jeffery L. Yanke
Clifford Yarosh
Douglass L. Ziedelis
Wendy Becker Zucker and Michael Zucker


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