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WaterFire Providence wants you to share YOUR WaterFire experience!

Having a great time at WaterFire? Share your experience with WaterFire Providence by snapping a picture or shooting a video and sharing with us on one of our social media networks. You can find us one: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Flickr, YouTube and more. We put together a list of fun and easy tools that you can use to capture, enhance, and share your WaterFire experiences. Are you using an app that’s not listed here? Let us know in the comments so we can join in.

Cool apps for creating fun content:


Instagram: Snap photos of WaterFire events, play with filters/effects, and share your photos with us by using the hashtag #WaterFireProv or @waterfireprov in your caption. Instagram’s new features also allow users to take or upload short videos (3-15 seconds) that can be shared in the same way. Download this for your iPhone or Android.

magistoMagisto: Create a short movies about your WaterFire experience! Magisto is an iPhone and Android app that allows you to upload video clips, arrange them, add effects, and then save them into a movie. Share this movie with WaterFire by posting it on our Facebook wall or tweeting at us (@waterfireprov). Download this for your iPhone or Android.

Video by Peter Mello.

replayReplay: Like Magisto, Replay allows users to create short movies. This app allows specific Instagram specifications to make sure your video is the appropriate length and size for Instagram. Download this for your iPhone.


Use the Vine app to create short, looping videos of your time at WaterFire (available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones). Share these with us by using the hashtag #waterfireprov in your description. Download this for your iPhone or Android.

twitterTwitter: Twitter now has photo-editing features! Select your photo to upload and compress it into your tweet, and then click on the attached to go through filters and other effects. Once you’re satisfied with your photo, tweet it to @waterfireprov. Download this app for your iPhone or Android.


pic-stitch-iphone-app-iconPic Stitch: Have too many photos of WaterFire to share only a few? Use the Pic Stitch app to turn multiple photos into a collage. This collage can then be shared with WaterFire on Instagram (#waterfireprov/@waterfireprov), Facebook, or Twitter (@waterfireprov). Download this for your iPhone or Android.


flipagramFlipagram: For more options on sharing multiple photos, use Flipagram! This app (available for iPhone and Android) allows users to create short videos from their photos and then set these videos to music. Share these photos with WaterFire by uploading them to Instagram and using the hashtag #waterfireprov or @waterfireprov in your caption. Download this for your iPhone or Android.


Flickr: Tag WaterFire Providence in your Flickr photos (@waterfireprov) to share your WaterFire experience with us! Download the app for your iPhone or Android.

fbFacebook: Want to upload WaterFire photos while on-the-go at the event? Use the Facebook app to upload photos directly from your phone and to WaterFire. Facebook recently discontinued its Facebook Camera app, so direct photo upload is now done through this main app. Download this for your iPhone or Android.


vscoVSCOcam: Are Twitter and Instagram’s filters no longer enough for your creative capabilities? VSCOcam is a relatively new app that offers new filter packages (some free, some at a cost). Upload your photos to your VSCO library, edit them, and then upload them to Instagram (@waterfireprov), Facebook, or Twitter (@waterfireprov). Download this for your iPhone or Android.


Phonto: Want to add tphontoext to your photos? Phonto allows you to do that, with over 400 fonts included and more available for download. After adding text, upload your photo through Instagram (using #waterfireprov/@waterfireprov), Twitter (@waterfireprov), or Facebook. Download this for your iPhone or Android.


instaInstaquote: Like Phonto, Instaquote allows you to add text to your images, and it was made specifically for Instagram users. Add your text, save your photo, and upload it through Instagram (using the hashtag #waterfireprov or @waterfireprov). Download this for your iPhone. You can also share photos by commenting on our website or Tweeting/uploading directly to our Facebook.

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