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Saturday, June 8th, 2013

This page is updated continuously with new information. Please check back frequently!

The fires will be lit shortly after sunset (8:19pm) and remain lit until MIDNIGHT.
Music Program (Mobile Version)

Thanks to tonight’s sponsor the Providence Hoteliers

Local Providence hotels have joined together to support WaterFire. In a unified effort to give back to the community, each hotel has contributed funds to sponsor this weekend’s event. WaterFire is grateful to have partners like these within the community; helping make Providence a better place to live, work, and visit.

Thanks to the Textron Charitable Trust for their generous support.

“The sounds, the scents and certainly the sights of WaterFire provide an experience that inspires Rhode Island visitors and residents alike. Associated with the revitalization of downtown Providence, rarely does such a community event become so intertwined with the culture and soul of a city. As part of Textron’s commitment to support and enhance the communities where our employees live and work, we are proud to sponsor the non-profit WaterFire arts organization with donations from the Textron Charitable Trust.” –Karen Warfield, Community Affairs Manager, Textron

WaterFire Schedule for June 8th, 2013

7:30pm – 11:30pm – Ignite Providence at the Steeple Street Stage

  • WaterFire kicks off Ignite Providence – a WaterFire initiative to showcase the broad range of creative talents of Rhode Island artists and performers, supported in part by the prestigious national ArtPlace grant. WaterFire will launch Ignite Providence with the Steeple Street Stage (at the intersection of Steeple and Canal Streets).  Including a beer garden and a musical stage, come and drink in the sounds of three great performers, outdoors and underneath the stars, not far from the warmth of the fires.
  • Three great Rhode Island bands.  Opening with saxophonist Justin Breault and his jazz trio; followed by guitar virtuoso Tyler-James Kelly, known for his unique finger-picking style and rich, old timey blues.  The night will be capped off by Original Jelly Roll Soul, a lively New Orleans style jazz band from the southern shores of Rhode Island that will have you dancing and singing along.

The Gaspee Project

WaterFire Providence presents The Gaspee Project

Rhode Island was the site of the first organized rebellion against the British crown and lead the effort to establish America as an independent nation, a year and a half before the Boston Tea Party.  RI citizens meet at Sabin’s Tavern to debate the challenges, opportunities and risks of rebellion and decided to take action against the British.  They launched long boats after dark and attacked and captured the British sloop Gaspee off Gaspee Point, and burned the vessel to the waterline.  WaterFire is pleased to bring to to life this astonishing history with three WaterFire history presentations.

Noon thru Midnight – From Flash Mob to Freedom: The Twitter Story

Join us throughout the day to follow this thrilling story of daring patriotism by seeing it all unfold in the long-lost twitter feeds of that famous day. Starting at 12 noon on June 8, 2013, WaterFire will use  technology and social media to bring to life the key characters including Lt. William Dudingston, Captain of the Gaspee, James Sabin, owner of the Sabin Tavern, and many more. Check out the WaterFire Gaspee Twitter feed #WFGaspee and witness the revolt as it unfolds. For background and context and to learn more about Rhode Island’s revolt against British rule join us at

Starting at 5:00pm and 5:30pm- Walking Tours

John Brown House (5:30pm departure) 52 Power Street, Ticket: $10, the tour is run by the Rhode Island Historical Society, please reserve your spot by contacting Barbara Barnes by calling 401.273.7507 x362 or email

Stephen Hopkins House (Tours will run from 5pm-10pm) 15 Hopkins Street, please call 401.421.0694

9:15 pm – 10:30 pm: New Sabin’s The Great Debate at the Wild Colonial Tavern (250 South Water Street)

Discover a fascinating re-enactment of the lively debate that occurred at Sabin’s Tavern on June 9th, 1772 over whether or not the Colonies should demand independence from Great Britain.  At The Wild Colonial Tavern at 250 South Water Street (one block from WaterFire downstream at the intersection of Power Street) three engaging historians, John McNiff, John Concannon, and David Ely, will lead us towards a deeper understanding of what was discussed that night from the perspective of the Providence residents who first started the American Revolution.  Learn their grievances and arguments against the Crown, their hopes for a new country, and their fears of reprisal for acting to insure their liberty.  Enjoy ale and drinks and a special colonial cocktail, right nearby at The Wild Colonial Tavern.  Performances from 9:15pm until 10:30pm.

One block from the original site of Sabin’s Tavern we are creating The New Sabin’s Tavern in cooperation with The Wild Colonial at the intersection of South Water Street and Power Street (250 South Water Street).  Enjoy authentic colonial liquors and fine ales and witness a recreation of this historic debate among the citizens of Providence.  Performances will be during the evening from 9:00pm on at the high table out front by Power Street.

9:15 pm – The Launch of the Long Boats

Look for the Buzzards Bay Rowing Club to reenact the night time raid when three historic long boats slip out of the Providence harbor commemorating the historic trip of 70 men on their way to engage and set afire the Gaspee.  Joining them along the way at the College Street Bridge will be The Pawtuxet Rangers Fife and Drum Corps and the Warren Federal Blues.  The Pawtuxet Rangers were commissioned in 1774 to help protect the ports, ships, and shoreline of RI against the Royal Navy.

Day of PortugalPortuguese Heritage Festival

June 8th: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The 36th Annual celebration of Day of Portugal in Rhode Island will
kick off WaterFire with a folkloric dance exhibition by the group, “Ramos de Oliveira”
at 7:45 pm at the Waterplace Park Basin stage. It will be followed by
a torch lighting and procession of torches and flags to the Bank of America
City Center (skating rink) for the opening ceremonies of the Portuguese Heritage
Festival. There will be Portuguese food and live entertainment by the
popular Jorge Ferreira. Don’t miss this chance to experience the sights, sounds
and tastes of Portuguese culture in downtown Providence!

For more information:

June 8th WaterFire Event Map

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For other maps please visit the Plan Your Trip section of our website.

5:00pm – 11:30pm – The WaterFire Store

  • The WaterFire Store on Canal Street, buy a t-shirt, hoodie, poster, magnet, pendants and much more to help support WaterFire and keep the fires burning.

Sunset (8:19pm) – Midnight

Sunset (8:19pm) – 11:00pm – Add Your Light to the Night

  • Visit our Guest Stations where you can become a part of the artwork with your own Ribbon of Light; and our Ambassadors can answer your questions and guide you to next great event!
  • Share your dedication with the world and light a Luminaria Candle Lantern ($5 per luminaria)
  • Make it a Starry, Starry Night by wishing upon a star and become a part of the art! ($10 to hang a wish on a star and $30 to bring home your own illuminating blue star)

8:00pm – 10:00pm – Catch WaterFire Performers along the River

  • World War Memorial (in Memorial Park): Be mesmerized The Gargoyles and the Oracles from Ten31 Productions
  • Catch Mime Artist Michael Grando portraying Pierrot (Pedrolino) from the Commedia del’arte, in his naive and everlasting quest to win the heart of a beautiful girl; he will be making his way up and down the river tossing visitors complimentary carnations which reflect the connection between life and art.
  • Stop by Union Plaza to see the internationally acclaimed, award winning music and dance group, Inca Son.  All dressed as their Inca fore-bearers performing enchanting melodies on their Andean pan-flutes.
  • Fire spinner Michael Farrell will performing  on the river starting with the lighting on the braziers on the wall in Memorial Park.

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