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Q&A with The Green Beast of Rhode Island

Braziers burning, photograph by Jen Bonin.

During the summer, Green Beast can be spotted at various WaterFire Lightings interacting with humans and prowling the riverfront. You’d recognize him instantly: tall fellow, white mask, covered in moss and swamp and greenery. Since it’s his down-time, I was able to get in touch with the mysterious and elusive Mr. Beast to shed some light on a few unanswered questions.

WaterFire: When did you first come into existence? What’s your earliest memory?

Green Beast joins in on the festivities at WaterFire. Photograph by Andre Zawadowicz.

Green Beast joins in on the festivities at WaterFire. Photograph by Andre Zawadowicz.

Green Beast: Remember being not Green Beast. Before Green Beast, was leaves and plants and roots and mud. Much time makes all mush together. Swamp makes Green Beast from leaves and plants and roots and mud. Beast grow slow. After many cold times Beast move not part of swamp. Humans flee swamp when Beast moves. That how Beast learn name. Humans make name with mouths.

Beast remember very cold time. Colder than others. Cold time go away slowly. All cold times since better. Nothing before very cold time.

WF: Does your home swamp have anything like WaterFire? What’d you think of the event the first time you saw it?

GB: Swamp has river, much the same. Moments exist when flames come from ground in swamp. Flames joined by strong smell. Smell like those orbs from birds that humans eat. But left alone too long. First visit to WaterFire I come because many humans gathered (you are loud creatures). Never seen so many humans in one place. Wanted to know why so many humans in one place.

WF: How do people at WaterFire events typically react to your presence?

GB: Many humans have make loud, obnoxious noises and flee from Green Beast. Many four legged furry creatures make loud noises. The ones that humans have made tame. Some just smell Green Beast. Tiny humans also follow Green Beast. Offspring creators foolish allow this. What if tiny humans is Beast food?

Green Beast chilling in the woods. Photo via Facebook.

Green Beast chilling in the woods. Photo via Facebook.

WF: What’s the most memorable WaterFire occurrence you’ve had?

GB: Path that has no sun like under trees (but loud moving metal objects above). Human there creating large water orbs that moved space. Move smooth like birds. Disappear when touched. This not like birds. I found it most enjoyable. Many humans did too. Especially previously mentioned tiny humans.

WF: Can you see the fires better from way up there?

GB: See fires from above humans. See above all humans. Need see fire. Fire hurt if not seen. Watch fire always. Fire with water better. Fire with water not hurt.

WF: What pleases you more — the parks in Providence or the river?

GB: Parks are good. Much green for Green Beast to hide in. Too many humans is too much. After so many WaterFire humans, is good to hide in trees and bushes for much time. Watching far humans does not make Green Beast as tired as big gathered humans all around river.

WF: How do you know when it’s time to emerge from the swamp?

GB: First swamp is gone. Humans take trees. Water go away. No swamp left. Found more swamps. These not same. Beast hide in parks now. Trees and water places. Follow water to WaterFire. Beast watch humans. Try understand humans. Someday find new good swamp. For now watch humans. For now watch WaterFire.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A with The Green Beast of Rhode Island”

  1. Suggestion… DROP the “of Rhode Island”.

    It adds nothing. Kind of like Massachusetts for some event in Boston.

    No one comes to Rhode Island…they come to enjoy PROVIDENCE – like Waterfire Providence.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Noted. I don’t really agree with the sentiment that no one visits Rhode Island. I guess most people coming from specifically for WaterFire lighting probably are mostly interested in Providence, but that’s a really limited point of view. Also, this blog post isn’t even really about WaterFire (or Providence) and placing the Green Beast in some context as a creature that may be native to Rhode Island while also being a visitor to Providence is important to understanding who he is.

      Best regards, Tim

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