WaterFire Providence

Music Program

September 15th, 2012


6:56   “Being in Rhythm”

   composed by Layne Redmond

   performed by Layne Redmond &

      Tommy Brunjes

   from Being in Rhythm


7:03   “Finney Makes a Point”

   composed by Mike Figgis 

   performed by Mike Figgis

   from Stormy Monday soundtrack


7:05   “Halleluyah”

   composed by David Hykes

performed by David Hykes,
   Michelle Hykes, Timothy Hill

   from Harmonic Meetings


7:13   “Nocturne No. 1 in B flat minor”

   composed by Frédéric Chopin

   performed by Daniel Berenboim

   from Chopin: Nocturnes


7:18   “Les Pleurs”

   composed by Sainte Colombe

   performed by Jordi Savall

   from Tous les matins du monde


7:23   “Sonata No.4 for Violin and

composed by Johann Sebastian

performed by Glenn Gould, piano;
   Jaime Laredo, violin

   from Bach Sonatas


7:27   “Habla Me”

   composed by Gipsy Kings

   performed by Gipsy Kings

   from Cantos de Amor

of Life


7:31   “Japurá River”

   composed by Philip Glass

   performed by Uakti

   from Aguas da Amazonia


7:36   “Radio Bagdad”

   composed by Jenifer Smith

   performed by Jenifer Smith

   from Code Mesa


7:42   “Shhh/Peaceful” excerpt

   composed by Miles Davis

   performed by Miles Davis et al.

   from In a Silent Way


7:47   “Cantares de mi Tierra”

   traditional Mexican folksong

performed by Mary Lea and

   from Cascade of Tears


7:51   “El Carretero”

   traditional Cuban folksong

performed by Compay Segundo,
   Ruben Gonzales,

   Eliades Ochoa and Ry Cooder

   from Buena Vista Social Club


7:56   “Di Terkishe Khasene”


   performed by Davka

   from Lavy's Dream


8:00   “Fanfare for the Common Man”

   composed by Aaron Copland


8:04   “Canzone 8”

   composed by Giovanni Gabrieli

performed by the brass section of
   the Frankfurt Radio Symphony
from Venezianische Mehrchörigkeit


8:08   “Vladimir’s Blues”

composed by Max Richter

performed by Max Richter

from The Blue Notebooks


8:10   “Kun Fe Ko”

   composed by Oumou Sangare

   performed by Oumou Sangare

   from Worotan



8:14   “If I Knew” excerpt

   composed by Edgar Meyer

performed by Joshua Bell &
   Edgar Meyer

   from Short Trip Home

8:15   “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”

   performed by Pete Fountain

from Do You Know What It
   Means to Miss New Orleans


8:17   “Amazing Grace”

   performed by Pete Fountain

   from Crazy


8:22   “Concerto in C Minor” (RV 402)
   — Adagio

   composed by Antonio Vivaldi

performed by Toronto Chamber
   Orchestra; Ofra Harnoy, cello

   from Vivaldi Cello Concertos


8:27   “Algunas Bestias” middle section
   from “Canto General”

   composed by Mikis Theodorakis

   text by Pablo Neruda

performed by Alexandra
   Papadjiakou, alto

   from Canto General


8:30   “Ay Papacito”

   composed by Carlos Méndez

   performed by Eliades Ochoa

   from Sublime Illusion


8:35   “Paperweight”  

written by Joshua Radin and
   Schulyler Fisk

performed by Joshua Radin and
   Schulyler Fisk (US)

from The Last Kiss


8:38   “Yizkor for Rabin”

   composed by Davka

   performed by Davka

   from Lavy's Dream


8:43   “Suite no.5 in c minor” BWV
   1011 — Sarabande

composed by Johann Sebastian

performed by Pieter Wispelwey,
   baroque cello

   from Bach Cello Suites


8:47   “Dearest All Faire”

composed by William Lawes, arr.
   William Ayton

performed by Diane Nahigian,
   contralto & Amici Musicae

   from Amici Musicae


8:51   “River”

   composed by Peter Kater

   performed by Peter Kater

   from Piano

8:56   “Cantus in memory of Benjamin

   composed by Arvo Pärt

performed by Staatsorchester

   from Tabula Rasa


9:01   “Eg veit I himmerik ei borg”

    traditional Norwegian Song

 performed by Anne-Lise
   Berntsen, soprano

 and NilsHenrik Asheim, organ


9:04   “Amazing Grace”



9:08   “Deep River”

written by Steven Foster

performed by The Blind Boys of

from Deep River


9:11   “Amazing Grace”


performed by the Dirty Dozen
   Brass Band

from Funeral for a Friend


9:12   “Lascia ch’io planga” [from

composed by George Frederick

performed by Cecilia Bartoli

from The Art of Cecilia Bartoli


9:17   “Virðulegu Forsetar”  [excerpt]

composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson

performed by the Caput Ensemble

from Virðulegu Forsetar


9:24   “Tears Transforming”

   composed by Tord Gustavsen

performed by the Tord Gustavsen

   from The Ground


9:30   “Little Potato”

   written by Malcolm Dalglish

   performed by Malcolm Dalglish

from Welcoming Children into
   the World


9:34   “The End of Words”

   composed by Dead Can Dance

   performed by Dead Can Dance

   from Aion




9:36   “Eclipse”   

   written by B. Leza

   performed by Lura (Cape Verde)

   from Eclipse


9:42   “St. James Infirmary”

   traditional New Orleans

   performed by Allen Toussaint

   from The Bright Mississippi


9:45   “Comadi”   

   written by Céu

   performed by Céu  (Brazil)

from Vagarosa


9:49   “Sin Precio”  


performed by Andy Palacio

from Watina


9:52   “This Year’s Love”

written by David Gray

performed by David Gray

from White Ladder


9:57   “Lamento Sertanejo”  

written by Giberto Gil

performed by Nicolas Krassik

from Na Lapa


10:01 “Rivers of Babylon”

composed by B. Dowe, F.
    McNaughton, Farian, Reyam

   performed by The Melodions

   from The Harder They Come


10:05 “Prayer of Saint Gregory”

   composed by Alan Hovhaness

performed by Benny Wiame & I

   from Hovhaness


10:11 “Faith”

composed by Lisa Gerrard &
   Pieter Bourke

performed by Lisa Gerrard &
   Pieter Bourke

   from The Insider


10:14 “Hallelujah”  

written by Leonard Cohen

performed by Jeff Buckley

from Grace


10:21 “Baba”       


performed by Andy Palacio

from Watina



10:25 “Desert Bus Ride”  

written by Gustavo Santaolalla

performed by Gustavo Santaolalla

from Babel


10:27 “Gnossienne No. 1”

composed by Eric Satie (arr.

   performed by Shirim

   from Klezmer Nutcracker


10:29 “Gnossienne No. 1”

   composed by Eric Satie

   performed by Pascal Rogé

   from Satie: 3 Gymnopédies


10:33 “Know”

   composed by Nick Drake

   performed by Nick Drake

   from Pink Moon


10:36 “Babonao”    

   written by Razia Said

   performed by Razia Said

   from Zebu Nation


10:39 “Synchrony No. 2”

   composed by Louis Hardin

   performed by Kronos Quartet

   from Early Music


10:42 “Margrete”

   composed by Arve Moen Bergset

   performed by Bukkene Bruse

   from The Stone Chair


10:44 “O Pastor”

composed by Pedro Ayres
   Magelhaes & Madredeus

   performed by Madredeus

   from O Espírito Da Paz


10:48 “Embalasasa”

composed by Samite

performed by Samite

from Embalasasa


10:52 “Mazurka”


performed by Bau

from Café Musique


10:56 “I Heard It On The Grapevine”

   written by Marvin Gaye

   Performed by Bill Frisell (US)

   from East/West





11:01 “Krokodill”

composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson

performed by the EÞos String Quartet

from Englabörn


11:03 “Ibe Siran Munlela”

composed by Victor Deme

performed by Victor Deme

from Deli


11:07 “Mad World”

   written by Roland Orzabal

performed by Michael Andrews
   and Gary Jules

   from Danny Darko


11:11 “Often a Bird”

composed by Wim Mertens

performed by Wim Mertens and the Flemish Radio Orchestra

from partes extra partes


11:15 “Yati Pouli Chen Kelaidhis”

traditional Greek [Thrace]

performed by Savina Yannatou

from Mediterranea


11:18 “Woman’s Prayer”

composed by Georges Ivanovitch

performed by Anja Lechner and Vassilis Tsabropoulos

from Chants, Hymns and Dances


11:20 “Poor Boy Blues”

composed by Jack Dupree and
   King Curtis

performed by Jack Dupree, King Curtis, and Cornell Dupree

from King Curtis and Champion
  Jack Dupree Blues at Montreux


11:30 “Funny How Love Is”

composed by Roland Gift &
   David Steele

performed by Fine Young

   from Fine Young Cannibals


11:33 “A Stranger and an Enemy to
composed by Christos
   Nikolopoulos, Lefteris

performed by Yiorgos Dalaras

from Say Nothing: The Country
   is in Danger 


11:37 “Seven Balkan Dances –
   Sostenuto e cantabile”

composed by Marko Tajčević

performed by Calefax Reed Quintet

from 600 Years


11:40 “O Rama”

composed by Susheela Raman

performed by Susheela Raman

from Salt Rain


11:45 “Iberian Improvisation #2”

composed by Tom Noren and Andrew Blickenderfer

based on Fernando Sor’s Seguidillas Boléras

performed by HourGlass

from HourGlass


11:47 “Sankofa”

   performed by Cassandra Wilson

   from Blue Light 'Til Dawn


11:54 “Tangerine”      

original composition by Victor
   Schertzinger, Jehn Herndon and
   Johnny Mercer

performed by Ben Webster and
  Coleman Hawkins, Oscar
   Peterson, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown
   and Alvin Stoller

from Coleman Hawkins
  Encounters Ben Webster


11:49 “Ghetto”

composed by Sam Mangwana

performed by Sam Mangwana

from Galo Negro


11:59 “Pinguli Pinguli Giuvacchinu”
      and “Lu Purtuni”  

traditional Italian

performed by Savina Yannatou

from Mediterranea


12:04 “Don’t Get Angry, My Love” composed by Stravos

performed by Yiorgos Dalaras

from High Windows  (1975)


12:08 “Dove sei, amato bene” from

composed by Georg Frideric

   performed by Andreas Scholl

   from Rodelinda


12:17 “New ‘Opihi Moemoe #3”

composed by Leonard Kwan

performed by Leonard Kwan

from Ke’ala’s Mele


12:20 “Por Que Llorax”  excerpt

traditional Chanson Sefardite

performed by Montserrat Figueras and Jordi Savall

from La Voix de l’Emotion


12:25 “Tindiba”

composed by Samite

performed by Samite

from Stars to Share