Inspiring Connection. Building Community.

Photograph by Erin Cuddigan.

Thank you. It’s that simple. In case we haven’t told you recently, we can’t do it without you. As a strong supporter of WaterFire, we know we can count on your year-end gift to help us maximize our potential as we begin our 25th year.

WaterFire and the events that bring it to life on the rivers of Providence are truly open to all. No ticket required no cover charge, there are no prerequisites, WaterFire does not draw lines. You come to be wowed by the spectacle; to see, feel, and hear the flames. Imagination is kindled and surprises greet you around every corner. WaterFire is a place of quiet reflection where you become more open to chance encounters and conversation flourishes. Whatever you are seeking you can find it at WaterFire. WaterFire brings our community into the core of our city so that we can all rediscover the simple joys that bind us together. With a gift today, you ensure the fires will continue to burn bright on the river and in our hearts.

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