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Behind the scenes with our Production Department

Every year, from December to March, in what we affectionately call the Off-Season, WaterFire’s Production department gets to work prepping our boats, braziers, and buoys for another year of service. This includes everything from fixing worn-out brazier baskets, and painting buoys to make modifications to our fleet of 20 boats and re-aligning the anchors that hold the braziers in place.

This year the production staff is making a series of modifications to our guest boats; making them easier to captain on the river and making them more comfortable for our guests. Design decisions are made by Executive Artistic Director, Barnaby Evans and then carried out by production team members.

Elvis Custodio, Production Manager, and Paul Kochanek, Director of Operations, work on reinforcing the sidewalls of one of our guest boats. This guest boat is being re-built this year to make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the boat.
Many clamps are being used to hold the laminated section of plywood in place while the epoxy glue hardens.

The system of braziers, buoys, and anchors that make up the core of WaterFire’s fiery spectacle is in need of constant maintenance. Each offseason the production staff is charged with the task of cleaning, fixing, and painting all the components that make up the 85 plus bonfires in WaterFire’s Providence installation.

Production team members Justin Carroll, Mike Allen, and Levy Rollins clean barnacles and chipped paint from the brazier stars before they are painted. These stars are the part of the brazier that supports the wood basket and is where the three flotation buoys are attached.
Production team members Garry Johnson and Justin Carroll discuss the finer points of an angle grinder. Safety and equipment maintenance is of utmost importance at our production shop.

Check out some more photos and tune in next week for more behind-the-scenes action with WaterFire’s production team.

Guest boats at the production shop in different states of repair.

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