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ArtMart, Pop-Up Markets, Two Saturdays: August 21 + 28

All are welcomed to two back to back weekends of ArtMart pop-up art markets, both Saturdays at the end of the month, August 21 and August 28.

Meet a collective of artists and makers and support their work. Eat some great local food while listening to live music. Who’s coming? On August 21, grab a bite to eat from Spanglish and a pineapple drink from Caribbean Delights! Listen to the tunes of BAE SZN, @baeseason, while you shop around! On August 28, listen to music from Jim Robitaille while shopping around and grab a bite to eat from Caribbean Delights and Sweet Smokin Pits BBQ. Below are the artists and makers that will be at each ArtMart!

Don’t miss out on the last days of the EYE TO EYE: Photographs and Projects by Mary Beth Meehan exhibition inside the WaterFire Arts Center when you come for the August, 21 ArtMart. The exhibit last day is August 22.

Artists + Makers

Design WhatHaveYou (AUG 21 + 28) handmade concrete jewelry in a variety of styles, shapes and colors, as well as laser cut acrylic jewelry and accessories

Roses N Dragons Designs (AUG 21 + 28) nature inspired resin jewelry and gifts

Arielle’s Aromas (AUG 21 + 28) variety of scented candles

Honestly Necessary (AUG 28) resin art and accessories

Boojie Lolli (AUG 21 + 28) t-shirts, custom cups, stickers and keychains

Sara Breslin: illustration + portraiture (AUG 21 + 28) original artwork, prints, stickers, pins and apparel

Alexasartworks (AUG 28) artwork, prints and stickers

Make Books / Lizzy Sour (AUG 21) prints, books and clothing

Soulita (AUG 21 + 28) self care products such as skin care, beard care and body care

Dagger Darling (AUG 21) bauhaus and avant garde style jewelry including crystal and bone pieces, spell bottles, witch kits and tarot

YSANEL (AUG 21 + 28) prints, pillows and paintings

Anti-Robot Club (AUG 21 + 28) hats, shirts, prints, stickers and more

Gather Glass (AUG 21 + 28) glasses, glass birds and glass pumpkins

Sparkles and Glow by Yvonne (AUG 21) handmade candles and bags

Astro Art (AUG 21) mixed media arts that include original 2D paintings and prints, along with apparel and clay accessories

Stone Soup (AUG 21) acrylic paintings, prints, stickers and tees

Emelia Harper Jewelry (AUG 21 + 28) handcrafted jewelry
Gray Rabbit Art (AUG 21) up-cycled clothing and accessories, tie dye clothing, mugs, bags, embroidery art, and hand sewn objects
Vi Quinn (AUG 21) jewelry made with bone, clothing with hand drawn designs, and prints (including stickers)
CleverlyCo. Handmade Jewelry (AUG 21) lightweight, everyday jewelry with a bit of retro flair
Art by Farra Pierre (AUG 28) acrylic paintings, illustrations, stickers, and clothes
Aria Raven Surrealist Art (AUG 28) mixed media on canvas and prints

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