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August 9th, 2014 – Full Lighting

A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Providence Police Department
Sponsored by National Grid

National Grid

National Grid delivers the energy to the places where Rhode Islanders live, work and play. This year, we are once again proud to be a sponsor of WaterFire Providence to help shine a light on the rich cultural heritage of our community. Please visit and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for energy-saving ideas for home and business.

August 9th, 2014 Event Schedule:

Sunset time: 7:55pm

All Full Lighting WaterFire installations light up over eighty braziers from Waterplace Park to Memorial/South Main Street Park. Lighting occurs shortly after sunset and the event continues until just past midnight. Please check this page frequently for updated information. Updated 8/8/14.

The soundtrack listing for this event is now available.

11:00am – Benefit Street: A Mile of History walking tour with the Rhode Island Historical Society

Created in the mid-18th century “for the benefit of all,” this colonial thoroughfare shows off an enviable collection of 18th and 19th century wood-frame houses. Although the street gives the appearance of being a museum mile, it is actually a vital urban neighborhood enhanced by on-going preservation efforts since the 1950s.

Begin: John Brown House Museum, 52 Power Street
Adults: $15, Seniors: $12, RIHS Members & Students: $10, Children 8 and under: Free
For more information or to make reservations, please contact Barbara Barnes at 401-273-7507 x362 or[email protected].

6:30pm – 11:30pm Join National Grid on the Washington Street Bridge for a variety of interactive and educational energy efficiency demonstrations

Canal Street Charging Station (Photo by Sean Chatham)

[sc name=photo-caption caption=”Canal Street charging station, photo by Sean Chatham.”]

  • Make sure you can capture the magic of WaterFire all evening long by visiting National Grid charging stations on Washington Street and Canal Street to recharge your smartphone and other mobile devices during the lighting.
  • Learn about making your home more energy efficient with National Grid on Washington Street!  With fun and interactive displays guests can learn about how much energy it takes to power a standard light bulb versus the newer, more energy efficient CFL bulbs.
  • Every home has one, but what do you do with your old refrigerator when you get a replacement?  Join National Grid on Washington Street to let your kids get creative with old refrigerators that are actually ok to decorate and while you learn about how to recycle one of the most common household appliances!

5:30pm – 11:30pm The WaterFire Store on Canal Street

Photo by Jeniifer Bonin

WaterFire Providence lapel pins, photo by Jennifer Bonin. The WaterFire Store on Canal Street is open for business. Stop in and buy a t-shirt, hoodie, poster, magnet, pendants and much more to help support WaterFire and keep the fires burning. Also make sure to check out the Photos of WaterFire tent on Washington Street. This tent will have matted photo prints, featuring the work of our Volunteer Photographers; WaterFire Providence postcards; large format photo posters; and silk screen prints by local artists.

6:00pm – 10:30pm The WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza on Washington Street

Arts Festival Plaza. Photo by John A. Simonetti.

[sc name=photo-caption caption=”The WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza, photo by John A. Simonetti.”]

Located on Washington Street in the heart of the WaterFire installation, the Arts Festival Plaza is a showcase for local artists and crafts-people. From photography and sculpture, paintings and hand-crafted ceramics, to jewelry and specialty textiles, the WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza features a wide range of locally crafted artisan wares to exhibit for sale to WaterFire’s visitors.

On August 9th the WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza will feature the works of: Lotus Life DesignsWrist Candy CreationsLiquor WicksM Pearl LLCDebs DesignsK&T Jewelery and Accessories, William Riker Art Glass, and Bryce Studios.

Grab a Bite To Eat

You can find food vendors on Washington Street adjacent to the Arts Festival Plaza including: Cilantro Mexican Grill, Dudley’s, Expo Productions, Kettle Corn Express, Rhode Illin’ Ice CreamUmelt. As well as on College Street near Memorial Park including: Blue Grotto Restaurant, Parkside Rotisserie & Bar, Ron’s Pastry Gourmet, and Taste of India. Also check out the Nutty Bavarian, Frenchy’s Popcorn, and Del’s Lemonade push carts located along the river walk.

7:00pm – 11:00pm Swing Night at the WaterFire Providence Ballroom

Ballroom PERFORMERS 8.9.14

WaterFire BallroomWaterFire Providence is thrilled to announce that for the first time since 2012 the WaterFire Providence Ballroom is back! Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Providence Police Department, WaterFire Providence is pleased to bring back this crowd favorite featuring dance lessons, special celebrations recognizing the 150th year of the Providence Police, and incredible music that will make the Ballroom the place to be!

  • 7:00PM – 8:00PM: Dance Lessons with Providence Swings and DJ Shawn McAedle
  • 8:00PM – 9:10PM and 10:15PM – 11:20PMRoger Ceresi’s All Starz!WaterFire is pleased to welcome Roger Ceresi’s All Starz for a double set and their 10th year of performing at WaterFire for some incredible rhythm and blues! “Roger Ceresi’s ‘All Starz’ will rock, swing and roll on this fantastic night in celebration of 150 years of the Providence Police Department. We are proud to be associated with all the great people (WaterFire leaders and visitors) for the last decade of events! Thank you and Rock On!” -Roger Ceresi
  • 9:20PM– The Providence Police will arrive to kick off a birthday celebration like no other!  Join us as we thank and celebrate 150 Years of the Providence Police!
  • 9:30PM – 10:10PM and 11:30PM – 12:00PMTony Cerbo is a local Rhode Islander and nationally recognized crooner. Be sure to be on the dance floor as this local legend brings the Rat Pack back to life!

7:00pm – 11:00pm The Ignite Music Stage at WaterFire Providence on Steeple Street


Presented by Geico | Local Office and Fat Belly’s Pub and featuring Jesus Andujar & Grupo Sazon, the Ignite Stage will bring even more music to the night! Since 2003 Rhode Island based, Jesus Andujar and his talented musicians have been producing authentic music from the Spanish Caribbean; Salsa, Merengue and Latin Jazz. Guests are invited to stop by to check out the music and grab a drink from Fat Belly’s outdoor bar and take a photo with the Geico Gecko, and dance their socks off starting at7:30 PM.

Steeple Stage Grupo Sazon


Sunset – 10:30pm Fire Dancers Performing Along the River

Ben Reynolds & Spogga spinning fire. Photos by Jennifer Bedford & Thomas Payne.

[sc name=photo-caption caption=”Ben Reynolds & Spogga spinning fire. Photos by Jennifer Bedford & Thomas Payne.”]

Spogga Hash and Benjamin Reynolds will be performing  on the river starting with the lighting of the braziers on the wall in Memorial Park. They will be performing several times in various locations throughout the evening.

Bike Taxi Tours at WaterFire Providence from Eco Pedicab on Washington Street

Eco Pedicab

Eco Pedicab provides safe, fast, and fun pedicab rides. Their Pedicabs are 100% human powered, for the most environmentally friendly option of public transportation.

They will have a pedicab pickup station on the Washington street bridge and canal walk, though never hesitate to just yell “Pedicab!!” if you see us on the streets

[sc name=photo-caption caption=”COVER PHOTO: Waterplace Basin photo by Yessenia Pineda.”]

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I've worked at WaterFire Providence since 2003. For the first 9 years of my career, I worked in the Production Shop learning all of the details that go into the physical production of the event. In 2012 transitioned to the role of managing WaterFire's social media and web presence. I now head up WaterFire Providence's digital projects including, web, social, databases, and our physical IT infrastructure.

23 thoughts on “August 9th, 2014 – Full Lighting”

  1. Hey Tim, two questions. Is the lighting always Native American. I saw it once and want my family to see it. Also, how wheelchair friendly is the lighting area? Any suggestions.

    1. Hi Mary, Not really. The lighting ceremony is based on the Greek Myth of Prometheus the Titan who stole fire from the Olympus for the benefit of mankind. The Native American man you saw on the river is Roger Desrosiers of the Poconocutt Nation; he is usually on the river before the lighting ceremony. Roger “smudges” or cleanses the river by burning sage. Roger will be at the lighting on the 9th. Most of the event is handicap accessible, wheelchairs can enter the Waterplace basin from Memorial Blvd via a ramp near the Ruth’s Chris Steak House, or from valet area near the entrance to Jacky’s Galaxy (the entrance is off Exchange Street).

      Warmest Regards, Tim

  2. Hi Tim! Will there be a theme for the Aug 9th lighting? My husband and I came to the July 12th lighting. We LOVE the traditional haunting Waterfire music and were really disappointed French theme. No offense to anyone, we’re just hoping for a more traditional Waterfire this weekend.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      This Saturday’s music program will be more along the lines of the standard WaterFire experience. We are partnering with the local Bolivian community for the their annual Urkupina festival, so there will some traditional Bolivian music in the program. This music is used fairly regularly on our soundtrack. We are also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Providence Police Department, so their Pipe and Drum Corps will be making an appearance at the lighting ceremony.

      Hope you find this evening’s musical selections more to your liking.

      Warmest regards, Tim

      1. Yay! Thanks, Tim! Waterfire is truly remarkable. Many thanks and kudos to you and everyone else that help create this amazing magical experience.

  3. I am planning on coming to the water fire this Saturday, where should I park and is there a charge? will be coming from Mass. I hear it is beautiful. Help! I want to get the whole experience. Tim any suggestions?

    1. Hi John, Check out this page: A lot of people find that it is convenient to park at the Providence Place Mall. The shops at the mall close around 9:00pm, but the parking garage is open all night.

      You picked a great night to visit, make sure to visit the WaterFire Providence Ballroom at Turk’s Head Plaza, it’s super fun.

      Cheers, Tim

  4. Hi, Tim

    We have a bus group interested in joining to this event.
    There will be around 70 people.
    Could the bus drive in?
    Could you tell me where should we drop off people and where to park our bus?
    If you can tell me the address, that would be great.


    1. Hi Ben, the best place for you to park will be at the RI State House parking lot (82 Smith Street). The parking lot is only a couple blocks from the event, but it you to drop your passengers off closer Gaspee Street or Francis Street (near the Amtrak Station) are probably easiest. Hope this info helps and have a great time at WaterFire.

      Warmest regards, Tim

      1. Thank you for your information!

        I just clicked the link which you gave to me.
        I want to double check with you.
        The RI State House parking lot is right next to the RI State House (82 Smith Street).
        The link shows that “The Rhode Island State House offers parking at One Capitol Hill”.
        I googled it and I found out there is another parking lot (115 Park Street).

        Which one are you talking about? or Both of them are fine?

        Do you know how much the parking fee is?


        1. Hi Ben, you’ll want the lot that is next the State House on Smith Street. I’m pretty sure that parking in that lot is free, but it’s first come first served and they have a limited numbers of bus spaces so you’ll want to get there early (5-6pm).


  5. Just found out about this and would love to go but we can’t make it tomorrow night. Will there be another full lighting this summer?

  6. Whnt to come down to see the fabulous show but don’t know where to stay that we can walk from to show. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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