Tim Blankenship

Tim Blankenship


As the interactive media manager I am responsible for all of WaterFire’s social media communications as well as our email marketing campaigns. I am also the webmaster for WaterFire’s network of websites.

I can’t imagine another job where the variety of projects we develop would be wider. Daily I’m involved in web design, marketing, public relations, e-books, history, architecture, prop design, lighting design, event planning, the list goes on. Of course there are days when this can be overwhelming; every day is a new challenge filled with possibilities.

I’ve been working for WaterFire since 2003. For my first nine years as part of the WaterFire team, I worked as a member of the production staff. In 2012, I became part of the media department and started working on web and social media communications.

After receiving a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I studied graphic design, I worked for a Baltimore company doing user interface design and information architecture. I moved from Baltimore to Providence in 2001. This was shortly after the dot-com bubble popped when design and web jobs were few and far between, so I ended up doing everything from working as a roadie for an antique dealer to delivering pizza.

WaterFire is at the core of Rhode Island’s cultural heritage. This unique event captures visitors’ and residents’ imagination. WaterFire is an economic catalyst and an arts showcase. It gives Rhode Island a voice on the world stage. WaterFire proves that a dedicated group of individuals can make a difference in their own corner of the world and that change ripples out; a force for good with global reach.

In addition to working at WaterFire, I’m also the publisher of the Providence Daily Dose providing news and events coverage since 2007. I’m a cyclist and gardener.

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