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September 4th, 2016 WaterFire Music Program

WaterFire Providence presents a full lighting on Sunday, September 4th sponsored by the Providence Tourism Council. The lighting is scheduled to start at 7:35 p.m. and is set to run through 12:30 a.m.

You can follow @WaterFire Music on Twitter for live Now Playing updates during the event. If you’d like to print this page or download the music program as a PDF please use the Print This Page button located below the song list.

Many of the songs on the WaterFire Providence soundtrack are available for purchase on iTunes.


Click on the title of one of the songs to purchase and download that track from iTunes, a portion or each purchase is returned to WaterFire Providence.

Get the September 4th, 2016 music program as a Spotify playlist.

September 4th, 2016 – Music Program

Argentine Tango returns to WaterFire Providence

Every dance is unique and unchoreographed– a fusion of the dancers, the music and the feelings in that moment. Beginning after the lighting ceremony and running throughout the evening, performances will happen spontaneously at six locations along the riverbanks at the Waterplace Stage, the Pershing Bridge, the Bridge of Stars, the Confluence (off Canal Street), and by the RISD flag poles.  The times can be found by consulting that evening’s music program listing on the WaterFire website.  Members of the public are encouraged to come meet the dancers and learn more and participate in an open milonga (dance) held on the Citizens Bank Plaza from 10:30 p.m. till midnight.

7:15    “Being in Rhythm”
composed by Layne Redmond
performed by Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes
from Being in Rhythm

7:21     “Finney Makes a Point”
composed by Mike Figgis
performed by Mike Figgis
from Stormy Monday Soundtrack

7:24     “Halleluyah
composed by David Hykes
performed by David Hykes, Michelle Hykes and Timothy Hill voices and drum
from Harmonic Meetings

7:31    “Como Llora una Estrella” (As Weeps a Star)
performed by Butch Baldassari, Robin Bullock & John Reischman
from Travellers

7:36    “Canzon duodecimi toni”
composed by Gabrielli, Giovanni
performed by HR Brass
from Venetian Polychoral Music

7:39    “Nessun dorma” from Turandot
composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by Luciano Pavarotti

7:42    “Igazi”
composed by the Ntu Bhekani Brothers
performed by the Ntu Bhekani Brothers
from Exotic Voices of Africa

7:45    “Berceuse”
composed by Leo Brouwer
performed by the Modern Mandolin Quartet
from Pan American Journeys

7:49    “Estudio #6
composed by Fernando Sor
performed by Butch Baldassari and John Mock
from Cantabile

7:51    “Kakokolo”
composed by Samite
performed by Samite
from Embalasasa

7:57    “Being There”
composed by Tord Gustavsen
performed by the Tord Gustavsen Trio
from The Ground

8:01    “Milonga Triste”
composed by Sebastian Piana & Homero Manzi
performed by Hugo Diaz y su Conjunto
from The Tango Lesson soundtrack

8:04    “Tango to Evora”
composed by Loreena McKennitt
performed by Loreena McKennitt
from  The Visit

8:09    “O Rama
composed by Susheela Raman
performed by Susheela Raman
from Salt Rain

8:14    “Ghetto
composed by Sam Mangwana
performed by Sam Mangwana
from Galo Negro

8:18    “New ‘Opihi Moemoe No. 3
composed by Leonard Kwan
performed by Leonard Kwan
from Ke’ala’s Mele

8:21    “La Paloma
composed by Micheal Roderic
performed by Mood Area 52
from Mood Area 52

8:25    “Paradis Circus
composed by Massive Attack
performed by Massive Attack
from Heligoland

8:29    “Without Shades
composed by Zagar
performed by Zagar (Hungary)
from Cannot Walk Fly Instead

8:33    “Por Que Llorax Blanca Nina”  excerpt
traditional Chanson Sefardite
performed by Montserrat Figueras and Jordi Savall
from La Voix de l’Emotion

8:38    “Trust in Me”composed by Richard and Robert Sherman
performed by Susheela Raman
from Salt Rain

8:42    “Tiramakan / Eg Vippa Meg
traditional sources – African and Swedish
performed by Kirsten Bråten Berg and Solo Cissokho
from From Senegal to Setesdal

8:46    “Ausenica
composed by Goran Bregovic
performed by Goran Bregovic and Cesoria Evora
from Underground

8:49    “Black Sands
composed by Bonobo
performed by Bonobo
from Black Sands

8:53    “I Curse You, Mother
performed by Esma Redzepova
from Songs of a Macedonian Gypsy

8:56    “The Fille De Pekin”
composed by Frédérick Rousseau
performed by Frédérick Rousseau
from Buddha-Bar IV

8:59    “Bolo Bolo
performed by Susheela Raman
from Salt Rain

9:01    “Le pas du chat noir”
composed by Anouar Brahem
performed by Anouar Brahem, oud; François Couturier, piano and Jean-Louis Matinier, accordion
from Les Pas Du Chat Noir

9:09    “Ta Bakiera”
performed by Goran Bregovic and Kayah
composed by Goran Bregovic and Kayah
from Bregovic and Kayah

9:14    “Milonga Del Ayer”
composed by Craig Einhorn
performed by Craig Einhorn
from Choros

9:17    “Friling
performed by Giora Feidman
from The Magic of Klezmer

9:21     “Lift Me Up
composed by Bruce Springsteen
performed by Bruce Springsteen
from Limbo

9:27     “Utrus Horas”
composed by Rudolphe Gomis
performed by Orchestra Baobab
from Orchestra Baobab

9:35     “Indus
composed by Dead Can Dance
performed by Dead Can Dance
from Spiritchaser

9:42     “The Field of the Dead”
composed by Sergei Prokofiev
performed by Sheila Armstrong, et al
from Alexander Nevsky

9:48     “Esma’s Song
composed by Esma Redzepova
performed by Esma Redzepova
from Songs of A Macedonian Gypsy

9:50    “Mon Enfant
performed by George Winston
from Forest

9:54    “The Curse
Composed by Agnes Obel
Performed by Agnes Obel
From Aventine

9:59    “Epoca
Composed by the Gotan Project
Performed by the Gotan Project

10:04    “Hö Berg Och Djupa Dalar”
performed by Ranarim
from Nordic Roots #3

10:08    “Kyrie”
traditional Mass with native Brazilian sources
performed by Marlui Miranda
from Ihu 2: Kewere-Rezar-Prayer

10:13    “Souka Nayo (I will follow you)”
composed and performed by Baaba Maal
from Nomad Soul

10:19    “Full Circle
composed and composed by Loreena McKennitt
performed by Loreena McKennitt
from The Mask and the Mirror

10:25    “Bamako
composed by Roswell Rudd
performed by Roswell Rudd and Toumani Diabate
from Malicool

10:32    “Bye Bye Blackbird
composed by Mort Dixon and Ray Henderson
performed by Patricia Barber
from Nightclub

10:36    “Concerto for Cello In E-Flat, RV 408: II. Largo
composed by Antonio Vivaldi
performed by Ofra Harnoy, cello
from Vivaldi Cello Concertos Vol. 4

10:41    “Duna Ma Yelema
composed by Kar Kar, Boubacar Traore & Habib Koite
performed by Kar Kar, Boubacar Traore & Habib Koite
from Macire

10:45    “Pōpoki Slack Key
composed by Ray Kāne
performed by Ray Kāne
from Wa’ahila

10:48    “Ya Rayah
composed by Rachid Taha
performed by Rachid Taha
from Diwân

10:54    “Homeless
composed by Joseph Shabalala and Paul Simon
performed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo
from Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Friends

10:58     “Zwit Rwit”
composed by Idir
performed by Idir
from A Vava Inouva

11:02    “S. S. Cristo alla colonna
composed by Bellisario
performed by Matri Mia
from Matri Mia

11:08    “Baby Elephant”
composed by Ara Dinkjian
performed by Night Ark
from Moments

11:12     “Guajira Bonita”
performed by Julian Avalos and Afro-Andes
from Music from the Coffee Lands

11:18    “Am I Just A Man
composed by Steve Mason
performed by Steve Mason (England)
from Boys Outside

11:21    “The Cure for Pain
composed by Jon Foreman
performed by Jon Foreman
from Fall

11:26    “Dark End of the Street
composed by Dan Penn & Moman Chips
performed by Cat Power
from  Dark End of the Street

11:30    “Any Other Name
composed by Thomas Newman
performed by Thomas Newman
from the American Beauty soundtrack

11:34    “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
composed by Michel Vaucaire and Charles Dumont
performed by Edith Piaf
from La Vie En Rose

11:37    “Für Alina [excerpt]”
composed by Arvo Pärt
performed by Alexander Malter, piano
from Alina

11:40    “Sposa son diprezzata
composed by Antonio Vivaldi
performed by Cecilia Bartoli, Gyorgy Fischer
from Se tu m’ami

11:46    “Paperweight”
composed by Joshua Radin and Schulyler Fisk
performed by Joshua Radin and Schulyler Fisk (US)
from The Last Kiss

11:50    “Daniel’s Joik”
composed by Jon Henrik
from a live televised performance

11:52    “Cler Achel
composed by Ibrahim Ag Alhabib
performed by Tinariwen
from Aman Iman: Water Is Life

11:57    “Fry Bread”
composed by BC Smith
performed by BC Smith
from Smoke Signals soundtrack

11:58    “De Cara a la Pared
composed by Lhasa De Sela
performed by Lhasa De Sela
from La Llorona

12:03    “Montañerisimo”
composed by Arturo Ruiz del Castillo and Antonio Posada
performed by Los 50 de Joselito
from Lo que el pueblo quiere ballar

12:06    “Havoun, havoun” [About the bird]
from the 13th C. Sharakan, arranged by Komitas Vardapet
performed by the Sharakan Early Music Ensemble, with Anna Mailian
from The Music of Armenia, Sharakan, Vol. II

12:10    “La Foulard Rouge”
composed by Komitas Vardapet, based on traditional sources
performed by Les Virtuoses de France
from Les virtuoses de France

12:13    “Kele Lao” [Walk Child]
traditional, Moush dialect
performed by Mannik Grigorian, Gevork Dabaghian Trio
from Armenian Folk Songs

12:17    “Offering
composed by Ravi Shankar
(on themes of Philip Glass)
from Passages

12:26    “Chouchiki”
composed by Komitas Vardapet, based on traditional sources
performed by Iakovos Kolanian, guitar
from Armenian Traditional Music for Classical Guitar

12:29    Spoken by Edward R. Murrow
from a March 9, 1954 television episode of CBS’s     “See it Now”
“A Report on Senator Joseph R. McCarthy”

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