WaterFire Providence presents a full lighting on Saturday, October 25th sponsored by Brown University in celebration of their 250th Anniversary. The lighting is scheduled to start at 6:11 p.m. and is set to run through 12:00 a.m. This is the music program for this specific event.

You can follow @WaterFire Music on Twitter for live Now Playing updates during the event. If you’d like to print this page or download the music program as a PDF please use the Print This Page button located below the song list.


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October 25, 2014 – Music Program

5:51     “Being In Rhythm”
composed by Layne Redmond
performed by Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes
from Being in Rhythm

5:57     “Finney Makes A Point”
composed by Mike Figgis
performed by Mike Figgis
from the Stormy Monday soundtrack

6:00     “Halleluyah
composed by David Hykes
performed by David Hykes, Michelle Hykes and Timothy Hill
from Harmonic Meetings

6:07    “Di Terkishe Khasene
preformed by Davka
From Lavy’s Dream

6:13    “C’est Si Bon
composed by Henri Betti / Andre Hornez / Jerry Seelen
preformed by Yves Montand
from A Paris

6:16    “Dounuya”
composed by Mamadou Diabate
preformed by Mamadou Diabate
from Tunga

6:21    “Sarabande” from French Suite No.2 in C Minor, MVW 813
composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
preformed buy Glenn Gould
from The French Suites

6:25    “Baba Drame
composed by Kar Kar, Boubcar Traore & Habib Koite
preformed by Kar Kar, Boubcar Traore & Habib Koite
from Macire

6:29    “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
written by Kern and Harback
preformed by Coleman Hawkins
from Coleman Hawkins Soul

6:34    “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
written by Michel Vaucaire and Charles Durmont
preformed by Edith Piaf
from La Vie En Rose

6:36    “The French Lieutenant Dreams
composed by Phillip Glass and Fonday Musa Suso
preformed by Phillip Glass and Fonday Musa Suso
music from The Screens

6:39    “Raquel
composed by Rufino Almeida
performed by Bau
from Cafe Musique

6:43    “Surfin
composed by Ernest Ranglin
preformed by Ernest Ranglin
from NPR Tiny Desk Concert

6:47    “Deep As Love
composed by Tord Gustavsen
preformed by the Tord Gustavsen Trio
from Changing Places

6:53    “Kakokolo
composed by Samite
preformed by Samite
from Embalasasa

6:59    “La Faulard Rouge”
written by Komitas Vardapet, based on traditional sources
preformed by Les Virtuoses de France
from Les virtuosos de France

7:01    “Gnossienne No. 1
composed by Eric Satie (arr. Shirim)
preformed by Shirim
from Klezmer Nutcracker

7:03    “Japura River”
composed by Philip Glass
performed by Uakti
from Aguas da Amazonia

7:08    “(Don’t) Tremble
composed by Low Anthem
performed by Low Anthem
from Oh My God Charlie Darwin

7:13    “Sposa, non mi conosci” from Merope
composed by Geminiano Giacomelli
performed by Cecilia Bartoli
from Sacrificium

7:18    “Avila (Oscar’s Song)
composed by Ernest Ranglin
preformed by Ernest Ranglin
from NPR Tiny Desk Concert

7:21    “Chapa Blues Band
composed by Victor Deme
preformed by Victor Deme 
from Deli

7:22    “Waltz for Bill Monroe
composed by Butch Baldassari
preformed by The Nashville Mandolin Trio
from American Portraits

7:26    “Synchrony No. 2
composed by Louis Hardin (Moondog)
preformed by Kronos Quartet
from Early Music

7:28    “Djorolen
composed by Oumou Sangare
performed by Oumou Sangare
from Worotan

7:37    “I Heard It On The Grapvine”
written by Marvin Gaye
Performed by Bill Frisell
from East/West

7:42    “Constantinople
composed by Patricia Barber
performed by Patricia Barber
from Modern Cool

7:50    “If I knew” excerpt
composed by Edgar Meyer
performed by Joshua Bell & Edgar Meyer
from Short Trip Home

7:51    “Indus
written by Dead Can Dance
performed by Dead Can Dance
from Spiritchaser

7:57    “Habanera” from Carmen
composed by Georges Bizet
performed by Elaine Fox
courtesy of Night of Song

8:01    “Melted Matter
composed by Tord Gustavensen
performed by the Tord Gustavsen Trio
from Changing Places

8:07    “Nature Boy”
composed by Eden Ahbez
performed by Jan Hassell
from Fascinoma

8:10    “Nocturne No. 1 in B flat minor
composed by Frédéric Chopin
performed by Daniel Berenboim, piano
from Chopin: Nocturnes

8:15    “Sin Precio
performed by Andy Palacio
from Watina

8:19    “Rivers of Babylon
composed by B. Dowe, F. McNaughton, Farian, Reyam
performed by The Melodions
from The Harder They Come

8:23    “Ay Papacito
composed by Carlos Mendez
performed by Eliades Ochoa
from Sublime Illusion

8:27    “Deep Blow”
composed by Manu Dibango
performed by Manu Dibango
from African Soul

8:33    “Azara Alhai
composed by Rasha
performed by Rasha
from Subaniyat

8:40    “Hallelujah
written by Leonard Cohen
performed by Jeff Buckley
from Grace

8:47    “Jones Pen”
composed by Ernest Ranglin
performed by Ernest Ranglin
from NPR Tiny Desk Concert

8:50    “Jones Pen”
composed by Ernest Ranglin
performed by Ernest Ranglin
from NPR Tiny Desk Concert

8:57    “Roucky
composed by Ali Farka Toure
performed by Ali Farka Toure, vocals and guitar
with Taj Mahal (guitar) & Group AKSO
from The Source

9:05    “Tacoma Trailer
composed by Leonard Cohen
performed by Leonard Cohen
from The Future

9:11    “O mio babbino caro
composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by Renata Tebaldi
from Gianni Schicchi

9:14    “Mad World
written by Roland Orzabal
performed by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules
from Donny Darko

9:18    “St. James Infirmary”
written by Irving Mills
performed by Billie and Dee Preservation Hall Orchestra
from Preservation Hall Early Years

9:21    “Eclipse
written by B. Leza
performed by Lura (Cape Verde)
from Eclipse

9:27    “O Pastor
composed by Pedro Ayres Magelhaes & Madredeus
performed by Madredeus
from O Espirito Da Paz

9:31    “Babonao
written by Razia Said
performed by Razia Said (Madagascar)
from Zebu Nation

9:34    “Kun Fe Ko”
composed by Oumou Sangare
preformed by Oumou Sangare et al
from Worotan

9:38    “Underground
written by Goran Bregovic
performed by Goran Bregovic
from Underground

9:43    “El Carretero
traditional Cuban Folksong
preformed by Compay Segundo, Ruben Gonzales, Eliades Ochoa and Ry Cooder
from Buena Vista Social Club

9:47    “Habla Me
composed by Gipsy Kings
preformed by Gipsy Kings
from Cantos de Amor

9:51    “Paperweight
written by Joshua Radin and Schulyer Fisk
performed by Joshua Radin and Schulyer Fisk
from The Last Kiss

9:55    “Bue
composed by Sara Tavares
performed by Sara Tavares
from Xinti

9:59    “Sangue de Beirona
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cabo Verde

10:03    “Cantares de mi Tierra”
traditional Mexican folksong
performed by Mary Lea and friends
from Cascade of Tears

10:07    “Soya
written by Ali Farka Toure
from Savane

10:11    “Deep River
written by Steven Foster
performed by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama
from Deep River

10:14    “Poor Boy Blues
composed by Jack Dupree and King Curtis
preformed by Jack Dupree, King Curtis and Cornell Dupree
from King Curtis and Champion Jack Dupree Blues at Montreux

10:23    “Hars Em Knoom
composed by Traditional
performed by Miriam Matossian
from In The Light

10:29     “Canzon ottava detta “L’Ambitiosa”
composed by Girolamo Frescobaldi
performed by the brass section of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra
from Venezianische Mehrchörigkeit

10:33    “Nessun dorma” from Turandot
composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by Luciano Pavarotti

10:36    “Soul Blues
written by Coleman Hawkins
performed by Coleman Hawkins
from Coleman Hawkins Soul

10:46    “Koftos”
performed by Kohelet 3
from More

10:50    “Oumai
written by Maria de Barros
performed by Maria de Barros
from Danca Ma Mi

10:52    “Hope There’s Someone
written can composed by Anthony and the Johnsons
performed by Anthony and the Johnsons
from I am a Bird Now

10:54    “Virgen de Amor
composed by Paco de Lucia
performed by Paco de Lucia & Ramon Algeciras

10:57    “Durme Durme
performed by Tanja Solnik
from Welcoming Children in to the World

10:59      “Little Potato”
written by Malcolm Dalglish
performed by Malcolm Dalglish
from Welcoming Children into the World

11:03    “Underground
written by Goran Bregovic
performed by Goran Bregovic
from Underground

11:08    “Rose Rouge
composed by Ludovic Navarre
performed by St. Germain
from Tourist

11:15    “Lascia ch’io planga” [from Rinaldo]
composed by George Frederick Handel
performed by Cecilia Bartoli
from The Art of Cecilia Bartoli

11:20    “Ye Meera Divanapan Hai
composed by Bala Subramanian
performed by Susheela Raman
from Love Trap

11:24    “In Memory”
composed by Bruce Gertz
performed by The Bruce Gertz Quintet
from Third Eye

11:29    “Triste Gonia”
composed by Santos/Djedjinho
performed by Maria de Barros
from Nha Mundo

11:33    “A Felicidade
composed by Jobin and Moraes
performed by Ben Black
from Remembered Faces / Private Places

11:38    “Ndima Ndapedza
composed by Oliver Mtukudzi
performed by Oliver Mtukudzi
from Tuku Music/Africa

11:44    “Riberonzinha”
composed by Monteiro/Job
performed by Maria de Barros
from Nha Mundo

11:49    “Let’s never stop falling in love
written by China Forbes and Thomas M. Lauderdale
performed by Pink Martini
from Hang on Little Tomato

11:52    “Yèkèrmo Sèw – A Man of Experience and Wisdom
composed by Mulatu Astaqè
performed by Mulatu Astaqè
from Ethiopiques 4

11:56    “What Can I Do
composed by Anthony and the Johnsons
performed by Anthony and the Johnsons
from I am a Bird Now

11:58    “Bulgar Freilach”
performed by Kohelet 3
from More