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March 18th, 2016 WaterFire Music Program

WaterFire Providence presents a basin lighting on Friday, March 18th sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts. The lighting is scheduled to start at 7:16 p.m. and is set to run through 11:00 p.m. This is the music program for this specific event.

You can follow @WaterFire Music on Twitter for live Now Playing updates during the event. If you’d like to print this page or download the music program as a PDF please use the Print This Page button located below the song list.

Many of the songs on the WaterFire Providence soundtrack are available for purchase on iTunes.

 Click on the title of one of the songs to purchase and download that track from iTunes, a portion or each purchase is returned to WaterFire Providence.


Get the March 18th, 2016 music program as a Spotify playlist.

March 18th, 2016 – Music Program

6:56     “Being in Rhythm”
composed by Layne Redmond
performed by Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes
from Being in Rhythm

7:02    “Finney Makes a Point”
composed by Mike Figgis
performed by Mike Figgis
from Stormy Monday Soundtrack

7:05    Halleluyah
composed by David Hykes
performed by David Hykes, Michelle Hykes
and Timothy Hill voices and drum
from Harmonic Meetings

7:12    Nessun dorma
composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by Luciano Pavarotti
from Turandot

7:15    Concerto in F
composed by Antonio Vivaldi
performed by Ofra Harnoy, cello
and the Toronto Chamber Orchestra
from Vivaldi Cello Concertos

7:19    “Dove sei, amato bene”
composed by Georg Frideric Handel
performed by Doug Dodson (Counter Tenor)
courtesy of the UMKC Music Conservatory
from Rodelinda

7:24    Warda’s Whorehouse
composed by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso
performed by Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso
music from The Screens

7:27    Woman’s Prayer
omposed by Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff
performed by Anja Lechner and Vassilis Tsabropoulos
from Chants, Hymns and Dances

7:29     “Una furtiva lagrima
composed by Gaetano Donizetti
performed by Luciano Pavarotti
from L’elisir d’amore

7:34     “Xandinha
composed by Nando Da Cruz
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cesaria Evora

7:39     “Sirt im sasani” [My heart is trembling]
from the 13th C. Sharakan, arranged by Komitas Vardapet
performed by the Sharakan Early Music Ensemble, with Anna Mailian
from The Music of Armenia, Sharakan, Vol. II

7:44     “Time on My Hands
composed by V. Youmans, H. Adamson & M. Gordon
performed by Ben Webster Quintet
from Soulville

7:48     “Nekhome” / “Prelude No. 4”
composed by Frédéric Chopin arr. by Michael McLaughlin
performed by Shirim
from Klezmer Nutcracker

7:52     “A Thousand Whispers
composed by Michael Hoppé
performed by Michael Hoppé & Martin Tillmann
from Afterglow

7:55     “Djôrôlen
composed by Oumou Sangare
performed by Oumou Sangare
from Worotan

8:04     “Funny How Love Is
composed by Roland Gift & David Steele
performed by Fine Young Cannibals
from Fine Young Cannibals

8:07     “Szól A Kakas Már”
performed by Márta Sebestyén & Muzsikás
from Máramaros

8:11     “Anastasia
composed by M. Heitzler
performed by Kol Simcha
from Klezmer Soul

8:16     “Theme for Ernie
composed by Fred Lacey
performed by John Coltrane
from Soultrane

8:21     “Nature Boy
composed by Eden Ahbez
performed by Jan Hassell
from Fascinoma

8:24     “Bamako
composed by Roswell Rudd
performed by Roswell Rudd and Toumani Diabate
from Malicool

8:30     “Full Circle
composed and composed by Loreena McKennitt
performed by Loreena McKennitt
from The Mask and the Mirror

8:36     “Ndere
composed by Samite Mulondo
performed by Samite Mulondo
from  African Voices

8:39     “Lamento di Frederico” from L’Arlesiana
composed by Francesco Cilea
performed by Andrea Bocelli
from Viaggio Italiano

8:43     “L’Inglese
performed by La Piva Dal Carnér
from The Rough Guide To World Roots

8:48     “Mi Lar” [Don’t Cry]
composed and performed by Lilit Pipoyan
from Lialousin

8:53     “Bolujem ja
performed by D. Nešović and Ansambl Toše Elezovića
from Starogradski Biseri

8:56     “Muzinge
composed by Samite Mulongo
performed by Samite Mulongo
from Pearl of Africa Reborn

9:00     “My Lover’s Gone
composed by D. Armstrong and J Catto
performed by Dido
from No Angel

9:05     “Sudden Waves
composed by June Tabor
performed by June Tabor
from Angel Tiger

9:11     “Diaraby
composed by Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder
performed by Ali Farka Toure, Ry Cooder and Groupe Asco
from Talking Timbuktu

9:19     “Roucky
composed by Ali Farka Toure
performed by Ali Farka Toure, vocals and guitar
with Taj Mahal (guitar) & Group ASKO
from The Source

9:27     “Hurricane Season
composed by Troy Andrews
performed by Trombone Shorty
from Backatown

9:30     “Opa Hey
composed by Kottarashky
performed by Kottarashky
from Opa Hey

9:34     “Havoun, havoun” [About the bird]
from the 13th C. Sharakan, arranged by Komitas Vardapet
performed by the Sharakan Early Music Ensemble, with Anna Mailian
from The Music of Armenia, Sharakan, Vol. II

9:39     “Kun Fe Ko
composed by Oumou Sangare
performed by Oumou Sangare et al
from Worotan

9:43     “Cantares de mi Tierra”
traditional Mexican folksong
performed by Mary Lea and friends
from Cascade of Tears

9:47     “Sonata No.4 for Violin and Harpsichord
composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
performed by Glenn Gould, piano; Jaime Laredo, violin
from Bach Sonatas

9:52     “Without Shades
composed by Zagar
performed by Zagar (Hungary)
from Cannot Walk Fly Instead

9:56     “Radio Bagdad”
composed by Jenifer Smith
performed by Jenifer Smith
from Code Mesa

10:01    “Nocturne No. 8 in D flat major
composed by Frédéric Chopin\
performed by Daniel Barenboim, piano
from Nocturnes

10:07    “Montanerisimo”
composed by A. Ruiz del Castillo & A. Posada
performed by Los 50 de Jeselito
from Columbia

10:10    “Little Potato
composed by Malcolm Dalglish
performed by Metamora
from Metamora

10:13    “Vissi d’arte
composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by Mike Del Ferro
from  New Belcanto – Opera Meet Jazz

10:18    “Fry Bread”
composed by BC Smith
performed by BC Smith
from Smoke Signals soundtrack

10:19    “Areia de salamansa
composed by Pedro Rodrigues
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cesaria Evora

10:23    “Iguazu
composed by Gustavo Santaolalla
performed by G. Santaolalla and Anibel Kerpel
from Ronroco

10:28    “Tacoma Trailer
composed by Leonard Cohen
performed by Leonard Cohen
from The Future

10:34    “Jaran hailaas
traditional Mongolian grassland song
performed by Urna Chahrtugchi
from Tal Nutag

10:39    “And So Slept Salome”
composed by Alexander Tegu
performed by Alexander Tegu
from And So Slept Salome

10:42    “Sa bu” (The Secret)
ancient Wassoulou hunter song
performed by Oumou Sangare
from Worotan

10:47    “Houston in Two Seconds
composed by Ry Cooder
performed by Ry Cooder
from Paris, Texas soundtrack

10:49    La Gioconda: Act II, Cielo e mar!
composed by Amilcare Ponchielli
performed by Andrea Bocelli
from Aria

10:54    “Dounuya
composed by Mamadou Diabate
performed by Mamadou Diabate
from Tunga

10:59    “My Old Flame
composed by Coslow-Johnson
performed by Chet Baker
from Chet Baker in Milan

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