WaterFire Providence presents a basin lighting on Sunday, June 10th. The lighting is scheduled to start just after sunset (8:20 p.m.) and the music is set to run until 10:30 p.m.

All of the music is the work of the original artists listed below and they retain the copyright. The music is used here by permission of the artist or the recording company and/or licensed for public performance through ASCAP, SESAC, and/or BMI (including their affiliated foreign performance right societies). We urge you to further explore and support the work of these artists through the purchase of their recordings. WaterFire Providence® and Barnaby Evans wish to thank the artists for creating such wonderful music and the recording companies for their enthusiastic cooperation and support.

This lighting is sponsored by Rhode Island Day of Portugal.

Get the June 10th, 2018 music program as a Spotify playlist.

June 10th, 2018 – Music Program

8:20    “Estranha Forma De Vida”
performed by Tony Matos
from Fados

8:24    “Eu Fadista Me Confesso”
performed by Manuel De Almeida
from Eu Fadista Me Confesso

8:28    “Há Festa Na Mouraria”
performed by Amália Rodrigues
from Amália Rodrigues With Don Byas

8:32     “Maria Faia”
performed by José Afonso
from Traz Outro Amigo Também

8:35    “Rosinha Da Serra D’Arga”
performed by Cuca Roseta
from Luz

8:38    “Oiça Lá Ó Senhor Vinho”
performed by Mariza
from Fado

8:40    “Mazurka”
traditional  [Cape Verdean]
performed by Bau
from Café Musique

8:44    “Eclipse”
composed by B. Leza
performed by Lura (Cape Verde)\
from Eclipse

8:50    “Acorda, Minha Maria”
performed by António Pinto Basto
from O Melhor Dos Melhores

8:53    “Se Ao Menos Houvesse Um Dia”
performed by Camané
from O Melhor De Camané

8:57    “Areia de salamansa”
composed by Pedro Rodrigues
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cesaria

9:01    “Bué”
composed by Sara Tavares
performed by Sara Tavares (Cape Verde)
from Xinti

9:06    “Sangue de Beirona”
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cabo Verde

9:09    “Meu Amor Marinheiro”
performed by Carminho
from Fado (World Heritage)

9:12    “Loucura”
composed by  Julio Campos Sousa & Joaquim Frederico de Brito
performed by Mariza
from Fado em Mim

9:16    “Oriundina”
composed by B. Leza
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Cesaria  

9:22    “Tudo Isto E Fado”
performed by Amália Rodrigues
from The Queen of Fado

9:26    “Fado Major”
performed by Jose Joaquim Cavalheiro Jr.
from Fados from Portugal & Rebetika from Greece – Recordings 1926-1947

9:30    “Fado Da Saudade”
composed by Fernando Pinto do Amaral
performed by Carlos de Carmo
from fados soundtrack

9:34    “As Fontes”
composed by Luis Oliveira
performed by Mafalda Arnauth
from Encantamento

9:37    “Sei de um Rio”
performed by Camané
from Fado (World Heritage)

9:41    “Comadi”
composed by Céu
performed by Céu  (Brazil)
from Vagarosa

9:45    “Mar Azul”
composed by B. Leza
performed by Cesaria Evora
from Mar Azul

9:49    “Nao Digas Mal Dele”
performed by Amália Rodrigues
from Tudo Isto E Fado

9:53    “Fado Instrumental”
Traditio nal (Portuguese)

9:55    “Corre-me o Fado Nas Veias”
composed by Telmo Pires & Frederico de Brito
performed by Nathalie Pires
from Corre-me o Fado Nas Veias

9:58    “Fado Bailado”
performed by Manuel de Almeida
from Fado (World Heritage)

10:02    “Cucurrucucu Paloma”
performed by Caetano Veloso
from the Talk to Her soundtrack

10:05    “Un Vestido y un Amor”
performed by Caetano Veloso
from The Best of Caetano Veloso

10:10    “Nao Chore Mais”
composed by Bob Marley
performed by Gilberto Gil
from Aquele Abraço

10:14    “Oh! You Pretty Things:
performed by Seu Jorge
from The Life Aquatic – Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge

10:18    “Lisboa Perto e Longe”
performed by José Cid
from Best

10:22    “Tive Razao (Voltair Mix)”
composed by Seu Jorge
performed by Seu Jorge
from Cru

10:27    “Ladainha Do Lago”
performed by Dazkarieh
from Eterno Retorno


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