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2019 #Art4Impact: The Arts and Health Event Series

The #Art4Impact Arts and Health Event Series aims to bring awareness to health initiatives in Rhode Island. At this summer’s August 3rd event, we worked with RI Defeats Hep C for the 6th annual “C is for Cure” event bringing awareness to the fact that there is a cure to hepatitis C and people (particularly baby boomers) just need to be tested! The fire this Saturday the 14th, celebrates the lives of those recovering from addiction – together we will Rally 4 Recovery celebrating the 30th-anniversary of National Recovery Month this month! Then on October 5th we’ll celebrate Flames of Hope for the 14th-year as we come together with the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation to bring hope, healing, awareness, compassion and support for everyone who has been impacted by cancer.

“RI Defeats Hep C is a comprehensive, thoughtful, strategic approach to tackling the Hep C epidemic in our state… and hopefully, to be the first state to eliminate this viral epidemic”, says Dr. Lynn Taylor who has dedicated years to helping people through the RI Defeats Hep C organization, be informed about their diagnosis and cures. Through WaterFire’s involvement, RI Defeats Hep C has gained more exposure and has opened a conversation through the media that may have not started without WaterFire’s help, “Things have shifted after WaterFire… we haven’t been able to get the media involved with Hep C but when it came to WaterFire there was tremendous interest”.

AbbVie has contributed to research for finding a cure for Hep C through the hard work of their scientists, communicators, and regulatory specialists around the world. With their sponsorship, AbbbVie helps WaterFire raise awareness about the cure for Hep C.

September 14 – For the past 30 years, September has been known as the national month for Recovery for anyone in recovery and in honor of anyone who has lost their life during their recovery journey. In partnership with WaterFire, Rally 4 Recovery RI will be hosting numerous events to bring awareness to the many lives in recovery. Dennis Dutra, a recovering addict himself, finds the WaterFire events a beacon of hope to better and brighter days, “Things get better…they really do”, Dutra recalled when he was at an event. Another recovered addict added, “It just kept me grateful…This could have been me”. Through our sponsorship partners Alkermes; the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals; and Rally 4 Recovery RI, WaterFire hopes to remind people that the road to recovery is a powerful thing and benefits their lives in so many ways. WaterFire is honored to be a part of such monumental moments in our neighbors’ lives. The rally will start at 4:00 pm in Turk’s Head Plaza with resource tents and non-profits providing information on addiction and recovery. All are welcome to enjoy a night filled with celebration, food, special performances and live music. In respect to the Recovery Month celebration, there will be no alcohol at this event as we are committed to standing by those in recovery.

Looking ahead: October 5 – The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation strives to create awareness for breast cancer by celebrating, nurturing and providing education for researchers and all those affected by cancer. Through the partnership with WaterFire, the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life™ event brings attention to the hardship that one goes through when diagnosed with cancer and works to offer support for those affected.

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