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15 Seconds of Flame Film Festival Award Winners

We announced the winners of WaterFire Providence’s 15 Seconds of Flame Film Festival over the weekend. So in case you missed it here is a run-down of the nominees and the winners in each of our categories.

Best WaterFire Moment

Winner: Suzanna Kelleher (@suzannekelleher)
Nominess: Jack Becker (@jackbecker54), Desconocida Ubekannt (@eyeswideopen_7), & Jacob Palladini

Best Live Performance

Winner: The Gonkulator (@thegonkulator)
Nominees: @jpmajor, & @__kathy1116__

Best Gondola

Winner: @KLDFilms

Best WaterFire Character

Winner: Jenn (@northstarglam)
Nominees: Andy Doig (@andrewnrdoig), @cmiper, ,@ryanj1992, & @__katyh1116__

Best Storyline

Winner: Dawn Fox (@dawnfox2)
Nominees: @alicem1296

Best Trilogy

Winner: Rebecca Bonenfant (@rebeccarandoms)

Best Upcoming Director

Winner: Rick T. (@rickt_aka_rico)

Best Cinematography

Winner: Jacob Palladini
Nominees: David Bettencourt (@dpbettencourt), & Amanda Rose (@aleboeuf91)

Best Film

Winner: David Bettencourt (@dpbettencourt)
Nominees: @cmiper@benji_mayne@aliceme1296

If your film was nominated please contact us at [email protected] with your t-shirt size and mailing address and we’ll send you your awesome limited edition 15 Seconds of Flame Film Festival tee shirt.

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