January 2013 Production Staff

The WaterFire Providence Production Staff is a hard working bunch of guys. Led by Production Manager, Elvis Custodio, the production staff is responsible for all of the back-stage elements that make WaterFire possible. Moving like shadows in and out of the darkness the production staff works with WaterFire’s volunteers to make sure all of the moving parts of the WaterFire machine are running smoothly. At any given event they may be setting up tents; installing parts of our audio system; organizing a Prometheia, a procession of torches, in the basin; or getting boats ready to shuttle guests through the fires.

In addition to their event day responsibilities the Production Staff works throughout the year building and maintaining set pieces for WaterFire’s many special events; keeping our trucks and boats in good working order; working with volunteers to make sure our firewood is dry and ready for lighting, and keeping track of the thousand pieces of audio and lighting equipment in our inventory.

The Production Staff regularly works with volunteers on a variety of projects in our shop. If you are interested in working with the Production Staff on any of these backstage activities please contact our volunteer department.

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