Barnaby Evans
Executive Artistic Director
office: 401.273.1155 x 150

Peter Mello
Managing Director
office: 401.273.1155 x 130


Bronwyn Dannenfelser
Director of Resource Development
office: 401.273.1155 x 142

Paul Kochanek
Director of Events & Operations
office: 401.273.1155 x 181




Marguerite Bernier
Office Manager
office: 401.273.1155 x 141| fax: 401.331.3624

Betsy Jones
Management Assistant
office: 401-273-1155 x 110


Corinne Barber
Development Associate
office: 401.273.1155 x 140


Ali Caine
Volunteer Coordinator
office: 401-273-1155 x 113

Gary St. Laurent
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
office:401.273.1155 x 170

Chantal Roche
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator/LISC AmeriCorp Member
office: 401.273.1155

Events and Operations 

Jamie Leiva
Special Events Coordinator
office: 401.273.1155 x 180


Tim Blankenship
Interactive Media Manager
office: 401.273.1155 x 160

Laura Duclos
Graphic Artist & Merchandising
office: 401.273.1155 x 112 

Andrew Doig
Associate Media Producer
office: 401.273.1155 x 160


Elvis Custodio
Production Manager
shop: 401.751.9564

Production Staff 

Michael Allen

Garry Johnson

Alex Lorenzo

Corey Oberlander

Kevin Piatek

Bobby Read

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